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Stealth Forged Wheels Make the Best Choice

dsmith January 21, 2022

Choosing the right wheel type for your heavy loads and demanding projects is critical to keeping downtime and maintenance costs low while getting the job done. When choosing the best type of castors, you have two choices: forged steel and cast iron. Although each type of manufacturing creates different strengths and weaknesses in the metal, there are several advantages of choosing stealth forged wheels over cast iron wheels.

Manufacturing Makes All the Difference: The production process for stealth forged wheels as the name implies, these are created by forging steel. It begins with calculating the weight of the part and after that, a round steel slug of the approximate diameter is cut and pre-heated. As the steel reaches 200 degrees of its melting point, sometimes called red hot, it is removed from the heat and dropped into the drop-forge. From here, the slug is shaped via repetitious impact from the drop-forge hammer. Excess steel, called flash, is sheared off. Finally, the wheel is placed on a slow-moving conveyor belt for cooling.

Advantages of Forged Steel HRE wheels price can be high but it has longevity: Cast iron’s original structure is disrupted with the addition of other metals resulting in a reduction in strength. On the flip side, the forging process keeps the continuity of the metal resulting in a stronger finished product.

  • Excellent resistance to wear and cracking: Forged steel is harder and denser than cast iron, resulting in an ability to resist wear and cracking. Additionally, it can be heat treated to make it even harder, thus giving it a longer application life.
  • Stronger than cast iron: Since foreign entities are not introduced into the process for HRE wheels price may be more, but the metallurgical refinement leads to more durability.
  • Greater load capacity: A higher load capacity gives higher performance, as well as lower maintenance costs.

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