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Stripes: Simple and Vivid Painting Options

Mallory April 1, 2021

When decorating our houses, there is nothing better than combining drama and elegance. One way to generate visual interest without overwhelming your house is to paint in a room or an accented wall with stripes. Before starting to peel the wall, there are a few things to consider.

Bold or subtle?

You can use many methods to peel off the wall. If you wish to underestimate certain features, you can ask your painter to use two paints of the same color with the same surface color. Different surface treatments can make your eyes have enough difference to attract attention without distracting your wall paint from framed artwork or beautiful furniture. In the other direction, you can make the wall itself a statement by making bold and contrasting color decisions on the stripes. Try to keep in the same color series or use complementary colors to make your walls feel overpowering or overwhelming.

Selection of color

Once deciding whether to be subtle or grand and dramatic, choosing the colors to use is essential. You don’t want to make space look smaller or more attractive by choosing colors that don’t match the area’s intended use. Generally, it is best to stay away from very dark colors when peeling off. Dark colors can make the room feel smaller and depressing. Instead, choose light to light stains from your color selection. Warm colors will make your stripes more attractive, unlike a prison.

Elegant or fun?

We are not saying that you have to choose between elegance and fun: specific colors provide both feelings when striped! However, when choosing a color for the stripes, it is essential to remember your room’s purpose. Bubblegum pink and cute purple may be ideal for your little girl’s room, but they may not be suitable for a formal foyer. Choose paints with higher color saturation in rooms that the entire family can use, and prefer lighter or dramatic tones for areas that require more formality.

Don’t do it yourself.

If you plan to add striping to the room, it is essential not to do it yourself. Since any errors are apparent when the walls are not adequately bordered, it is best to have an experienced team of painters strips the walls. Your painting company has extensive experience in various painting techniques, including striped walls, and they will know how to execute best the design you want. The best thing about hiring a painter to implement a new strategy is that you no longer need to worry about doing it perfectly. You know that your painting service has done it.

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