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Stunning Philippines Islands to pamper the travel enthusiast in you!

rome17 November 18, 2021

Seeking some magical vibes on your next vacay? You should plan a trip to the Philippines and explore its islands to feel connected to beautiful nature. Located in Southeast Asia, it is a gorgeous tropical country. Mostly popular for its sandy beaches, the Philippines has a compelling etho-Catholic culture. Noreiver, the cuisines of the country are very famous among tourists. However, if you wish to go away from the mainland, then there are almost 7,000 islands in the country. 

God themselves has carved these islands and they offer you an unforgettable experience with your near and dear ones. Island hopping is one of the best things that you should definitely do when in the Philippines. November to April is the best time to explore these islands as the season is dry at that time. The weather is pleasurable and you can indulge in various activities such as surfing, snorkeling, fishing, trekking, boating, scuba diving, and more. Furthermore, the breathtaking views at this time will leave you spellbinding. Make sure to check the list of the best islands to explore in the country for a wonderful vacay. So, let’s get started and review the list. 

  • Malapascua

Are you traveling with your friends? Malapascua is the best bet for you. The island is very well-known for its resorts and nightlife. However, it is a remote destination, but it has its own perks. The ocean waters and the serenity provide a perfect ambience for visitors looking to escape the humdrum of life. Explore the rich marine life here as it is one of the best spots for divers. Witness Thresher Sharks and swim with them for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Travel to the Philippines with Southwest Airlines and explore Malapascua on your next trip. Confirm your Southwest Airlines military discount and maximize your savings.

  • Cambari

 Cambari is a paradise for cave divers; if you are one of them, you would love to live here forever. It is a geographical miracle and it will blow your mind. You can’t afford to miss cave formations as they are the best for diving. The best thing is  visitors will find multiple types of coral formations and marine life. Lobsters and Manta rays are the main highlights of the island. Once you are done with all these activities, get ready to witness the most romantic sunset at any of the island beaches. So plan a trip to this heaven and make the most of your vacation. 

  • Luzon

Luzon is located near the capital Manila. Most tourists skip this island and visit other attractions of Manila. However, it houses some amazing hiking trails. If you are a hiker, you should visit the island for sure. You will view lots of green space in the entire island. Luzon is easily accessible from the island and you can reach here at ease. 

  • Siargao

Siargao is one of the most popular islands in the country and it magenitizes thousands of people every year. It is well-known for lots of things, but the beautiful white sand beaches and the shallow waters are what draws the attention of surfers from all over the world. You have plenty of choice to plan your stay at the island, but the best one is General Luna Beach. It is positioned near to the surfers beaches and is home to incredible restaurants & pubs. Ensure to add this island to your bucket list and have a fantastic experience. 

  • Bantayan

Bantayan is one of the most vibrant islands in the country. It is loaded with nightclubs, resorts, and fun-loving people. The island is untouched by tourists and therefore it oozes out special vibes through every corner of the island. For nature lovers, it is the best island to visit on their vacation. Cliff jumping is the most famous activity to try on this island. Thrill-seekers should definitely explore Bantayan on their visit to the Philippines. Some wonderful mountain trails are also available. 

  • El Nido

On the list of top Philippines Islands, it is sure to add. The island has managed to keep its pure beauty intact and untouched. The magnificent stretch of sand will be a true treat to tourists’ eyes. It is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery and landscapes in the entire world. El NIdo has its own biosphere and you shouldn’t miss out on its beauty. 

  • Corregidor

Are you a history buff? Add the island on the top of your bucket list. It is a historical island, which is situated at the entrance of Manila. The island attracts a plethora of visitors all around the year. Corregidor served as the battleground of Japanese, Filipino troops, and Americans during World War II. Go on the boat tour to explore the island fully. 

You can’t explore all the islands in the country on your trip. Choose the best ones for a mesmerizing experience. Make American Airlines Refund Policy and fly comfortably to the Philippines. 

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