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Successful Aging- How To Make The Transition Smooth

zyana Morris November 30, 2016

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A well-balanced diet and sufficient physical exercise is undoubtedly the secret to living a healthy life no matter what phase of life you are in. However, when the biological clock is ticking away and you find yourself in the late 60’s with your will power at low ebb, a common misconception that now one’s body is not agile enough to be active. However, just like you train your mind to do certain tasks similarly you have to make your body used to clean fresh air, daily intake of rich nutrients and supplements and a fair amount of physical exercise. When you cross the 60 age mark, these lifestyle amendments have a lot more impact than they have in your early years as you start living healthy for longevity.

Some of the hindrances in accepting a positive lifestyle include:

  • Often people in the last stages of their life are going through the certain emotional turmoil that makes their morale low and the will to live longer is very low. The quality of life at this point in time can be quite uplifting for an elder adult.
  • Elderly people may be subject to a chronic illness that may plunge them into depression and directly impact their ability to exercise their decision-making ability to shop for healthy alternatives and keep a check on their diet. For this purpose, senior home care services offer diet planning for their patients to keep them on track.
  • Certain medication may suppress their appetite and lead to deprivation of nutrients and intake of essential vitamins and minerals that lead to feebleness and fragility.

Financial constraints such as hefty student loans burden since years or the lack of transportation facilities may also hinder a person from planning out a proper healthy diet plan.  A study carried out in this regard on seniors revealed the elder people were subject to hunger risk and food insecurity due to non-availability of transport services.  This is why it is essential that they are facilitated in the best possible manner.

Keeping the individual’s situation in mind and the life circumstances that he may be going through it is important that practical steps are taken to ensure a healthy lifestyle amendments are introduced. Follow these basic tips to help your elderly age with grace.

  • Fresh air coupled with physical exercise

The inevitable link between exercise and general overall good health is known by all. Exercise not only keeps you active but facilitates blood circulation and safeguards you from chronic heart diseases. A study in 2014 found out that having the habit of walking minimizes the risk of heart spasms and other related abnormalities in older people. Another study by the National Institutes of Health lays down the fact that exercises of all natures including resistance and flexibility training along with yoga drastically lowers down the risk of immobilization and reduces dependency on people by 18%.Doing all of these physical exercises in the open air will be like the cherry on the cake. Sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D and also makes our bones stronger.

  • A wholesome and nutritious meal

Your elder parents or grandparents need to be assisted either by caregivers or people around them to plan their meals in advance and make sure that they opt for options that suit their taste buds and are also high in nutritional content. All three meals of the day should be aimed at fiber-richness and high protein content. The right kind of food in the right amount is necessary.  Older people who generously take in green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and white meat have superior physical functionality and overall wellness as revealed by a 2013 study in Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • Stop inflicting self-harm

If you are a smoker then the first thing you should consider doing is leaving this habit as it is known to be the root cause of a wide range of merciless diseases that paralyze your organs from within leaving it totally frail. Even if you have smoked all your life since your teenager years and feel that it would not have a profound effect now, you are highly mistaken. The  time you detach yourself from this sickening habit you will start feeling the effects wearing down and becoming less intense.

Also if you are an alcoholic you need to understand that your body has physical aged and it might not react in the same way as it used to years ago. Minimizing your intake of alcohol can do wonders for your health. Excessive alcohol consumption impairs memory, reduces your concentration span and may even lead to morbidity and pessimism. Liver damage is also a possible consequence. So why not take the safety precautions and safe yourself from harming your health with your own hands.

All in all, these are the most important things that can be introduced into an elderly patient’s life to reduce the stress and agony associated with aging.

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