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Swaraj 855 – Finest Tractor Model For Indian Farming Field

samadhiyaaman October 22, 2020

Swaraj 855 is a 50 hp tractor that consists of three-cylinder engine power. This tractor model belongs to the Swaraj group, the oldest and second-highest tractors, and farm equipment brand. With the tractor, the company is also very popular for its farm equipment, such as thrashers, harvesters, etc. These farm machines, including tractors, are used in different fields like farming, construction, industry, etc. With dedication and teamwork, it added over 1.5 million satisfied farmers in its family. 

Swaraj supplies a broad range of tractors, starting from 15 hp to 75 hp, with an affordable price range starting from Rs. 2.60 Lakh* – 8.40 Lakh*. The farm machines of Swaraj have user-friendly prices and innovative features. 

Engine Capacity of Swaraj 855

Swaraj 855 FE is a 50 – 55 hp category tractor with a three-cylinder water-cooling engine. An iconic tractor is manufactured to deliver power for different tasks. It is also designed for harsh field operations and hard soil operations. Multi-speed reverse and forward PTO provides high r/min on PTO at a low engine r/min that saves fuel on the thresher, alternator, and Gensets. The PTO hp of the machine is 42.9 that helps for detachment and attachment of implements. 

The Versatility of Swaraj 855

It comes with a host of features like DCV, power steering, dual-clutch, and many more that make it a versatile model of Swaraj. The 855 FE is suitable for applications such as Genstes, threshers, straw making machines, rotavators, combine harvesters operations. 

The Transmission System of Swaraj 855

The machine’s transmission system provides modern and advanced functions that make farming operations more reliable and smooth. The farm vehicle has a constant mesh transmission system that allows for effective operations in the working field. This system is technically high and delivers high intensity to the machine. A farm machine is skilled in all types of working manners. 

Some important technical points are defined below:-

  • Single/Dual-clutch for smooth gear shifting. 
  • 8 forward + 2 reverse for better control. 
  • Has 12 V 75 AH powerful battery for efficient working.  
  • High forward and reverse speed.  
  • Efficient starter motor. 
  • The 2wd provides a better ride. 
  • Better braking efficiency provides less maintenance and longer life. 

These are the special features of the model that make the working duties perfect. The clutch offers uninterrupted PTO operation, which results in more output. It provides optional steering type power or manual.  The steering comes with a heavy-duty single drop arm better maneuverability & comfort to the operator. 

The Hydraulic System of Swaraj 855

It provides a high hydraulic system that helps to lift and attach implements. With 1700 Kg capacity, it can push and pull heavy implements and loads. This feature is the best cause for improvement or enhancing productivity. 

Other Information 

For better working and farmer’s satisfaction, it comes with many more features such as oil-immersed brakes, high fuel efficiency, adjustable front or rear weight, adjustable front axle, steering lock, multi-speed reverse PTO, mobile charger. As a grant, it also offers useful accessories like tools, bumper, ballast weight, top link, canopy, hitch, drawbar. Its orange color and stylish looks attract farmers or tractor lovers. 

Price of Swaraj 855

Swaraj 855 price is affordable and reasonable for every farmer. Swaraj 855 FE price in India is Rs. 7.10 – 7.40 Lakh*. This on-road price easily fits in the farmer’s pocket who wants to buy a machine on a sufficient budget. 

These are all about the Swaraj 855 tractor. We hope you enjoyed this blog and also delighted with it. For more information, stay tuned.

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