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Swaraj Tractor Implements & Attachments – Use and Benefits

sonagoyal October 26, 2020

Swaraj tractor is the leading and famous manufacturer and exporter of tractors and farm equipment. It comes with a bundle of features or qualities. The farm vehicle performs various operations, such as industrial, transporter, farming, and construction. Swaraj provides a wide range of tractors, starting from 15 to 75 hp.

Besides tractors, Swaraj offers different farm equipment types that make farming work more efficient. These implements complete work from planting to harvesting. These farm machines effectively accomplish work with its unique features. Apart from features, its price is affordable for Indian farmers.

Swaraj tractor implements machine price is reasonable and appropriate for every farmer. Swaraj harvester and specialized farm equipment like straw reaper etc. have a huge demand in the market. These machines facilitate farming processes and increased output. Swaraj is a favorite tractor company of farmers for its high performance, reliability, strength, power, low maintenance cost, long life, and high resale value.

Below, we are showing Swaraj tractor implements & attachments with use and benefits that help you understand the working of attachments. Without any delay, let’s begin.

  1. Swaraj Multicrop Thresher

Swaraj Multicrop threshing is a farming product used for threshing different crop types in just one machine. These crops are maize, barley, rice, and sorghum. This machine aims to improve quality, contribute to food security, and strengthen the value chain. The multi-crop thresher machine can more efficiently reduce the amount of hard labor.

According to the rural field and rural settings, it comes with two wheels. It has a seat that can be attached to vehicles and easily travel in rural areas. This machine is suitable for black grams, wheat, beans, and soya beans threshing. Due to the proper size, it is fully safe. It can operate with a diesel engine, and also it has a strong body. 

  • Swaraj 2 Bottom MB Plough

The 2 Bottom MB Plough of Swaraj is the most important plow in the agriculture sector. It accomplishes primary tillage in canal irrigated or heavy rain areas where too many weeds grow. The main objective of 2 Bottom MB Plough with a Mould Board is to invert and pulverize the soil completely, up-root all weeds, trash, and crop residues, and bury them under the soil. The attractive and sturdy design provides longer life and better performance. This machine breaks up the blocky structure of the soil.

It can aid in drainage and root growth in a better way. The plow breaks up weed roots and disrupts weeds from growing.

  • Swaraj Round Baler

The renowned baler produced round and rolled bales. This machine of swaraj works with low hp tractors. With the help of rubberized belts and fixed rollers, the grass rolled in the baler. It comes with a centralized lubrication system and a cleaning brush for the machine’s easy lubrication and long life. The key features of Swaraj Tractor Round Baler are

  • It provides a hydraulic bale ejection system.
  • It can easily transport balers with the help of tractors.
  • This machine can adjust wrapping counting with comfort and ease.
  • Swaraj Potato Planter

As per the name, this machine accomplished potato planting operations. Potato planting is hard work and needs labor; Swaraj Potato Planter will reduce labor work dependency and save much money. It is a very high-quality planting machine that ensures high quality planting with intact perfection and quality in the working field. Swaraj tractor machine comes with a mechanical vibrator that improves productivity by up to 25%. It has 30 blades. The planter offers a brush for cleaning cups.

  • Swaraj Straw Reaper

Straw Reaper is a chopper machine that cuts and cleans the straw in one operation. After the harvest, some wheat stalks left are cut by the oscillating blades, and revolving reels push them back forward. It comes with a heavy-duty gearbox. The machine has a special hand lever for adjustment and a stone trap. It has a working capacity which is 1-2 acres per hour. With 288 blades in the thresher drum, provide thin and fine cutting.

These are the popular implements or farming machines of Swaraj that make farming operations more productive with tractor’s help. We hope you enjoyed this blog and are happy with it.

For more updates about Swaraj tractor price and specification, stay tuned with us.

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