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Important Facts You Should Know on How a Camera Records and Stores Footage

alicesmith October 9, 2021

We’ve all been there: we’re watching an online video, movie, or sporting event when the screen abruptly freezes or the video drops to poor quality. This sudden reduction in quality, regardless of what you’re watching, is really aggravating, right? But, do you have any experience with video surveillance or IP cameras? You might hear about… Continue Reading »


Why You Should Upgrade from the H264 to the H265

alicesmith August 30, 2021

Some upgrades are not worth the cost or time it takes to upgrade. However, there are others that leave consumers thrilled. When you’re talking about upgrading your security camera andH. 264 VS H. 265, almost everyone has who has made the switch has stated that they are happy with the decision they made. Unlike some… Continue Reading »

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