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Antique furniture Restoration NYC


Furniture Repair and Refinishing NYC – To Save Money

skyseoroundtable December 18, 2021

Furniture Repair and Refinishing NYC – To Save Money Purchasing brand new furniture is not only expensive, but you are also unlikely to get high-quality, durable items. Whether you are refurbishing an emotionally valuable heirloom insole, sorting out flea market discoveries, or just repairing an old piece of furniture, Furniture Repair & Refinishing NYC is… Continue Reading »


DIY Reupholstery Is Easier Than You Think | Amato Furniture

skyseoroundtable December 2, 2021

Furniture Reupholstery in NYC at Amato Furniture Antique style furniture is made using different construction and filling techniques. For example, antique furniture uses hourglass springs instead of modern zigzag or mesh springs. These provide excellent comfort and need to be carefully installed and fastened so that they stay in the correct position. Similarly, padding requires… Continue Reading »


Long Island City Furniture Reupholstery – NYC Amato Furniture

skyseoroundtable September 24, 2021

Since the monetary atmosphere abruptly went exceptionally cold two years prior, numerous organizations in the cordiality and relaxation industry have needed to fix the satchel strings and check interest in renovation ventures. Indeed, even popular worldwide brands, for example, Occasion Hotel, Crowne Square and Hilton have needed to see approaches to keep their insides looking… Continue Reading »


Too Much Brown Wood? To Paint or Not to Paint Antique Furniture

skyseoroundtable July 8, 2021

Antique furniture can have wistful worth – might be your furniture has been passed down from family age to age – making it a pitiful second when it antique seat is presently blurring and weakening. Allow Amato Furniture to do something amazing with antique reclamation administrations performed by ace experts. From stripping and sanding to… Continue Reading »

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