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Utility of Silver Jewellery as a Modern Fashion Statement

Davy Greene October 29, 2015

Silver for long has been one of the most prolific of all metals. It is thought to be a great companion especially for women since ages. Both men and women across borders and territories love to wear silver ornaments that give them the much-needed gloss. The greatest attribute that silver provides is the perfect mechanism… Continue Reading »


Everything to Know About Black Akoya Pearls

Davy Greene September 25, 2015

Akoya pearls are a specific term used for saltwater pearls and the word ‘Akoya” is comes from the name of the oyster from which the beautiful pearl comes from. The Akoya pearls are mainly harvested in Japan and china where the mollusk Pinctada fucatamartensii is found. This is the scientific name of the Akoya oyster… Continue Reading »


Different Shapes of the Mysterious Black Pearls

Davy Greene August 28, 2015

Black pearls are very rare pearls and have a deep glow which defines them. Tahitian Black pearls are most famous among all and a lot of qualities have to be looked through to select the perfect pearls among hundreds. The size, shape, thickness, luster are some of the features, which experts examine before making their… Continue Reading »


Seed Beads: The Perfect Beads for Jewellery Making

Davy Greene July 28, 2015

Seed beads resemble a plant seed in their shape and size and that is why they are called seed beads. Another more technical name for the same is Rocaille which means round. Types of Seed Beads Many diverse kinds of beads are present in the market, but most jewelers believe that the Japanese and Czech… Continue Reading »


Adorn Your Beauty with Fabulous Crystal Ornaments

Davy Greene July 17, 2015

Crystal ornaments have become the most loveable among women. Crystal earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery items look simply elegant. They not only adorn your beauty but also present you with a unique energy. Yes, it might seem a bit surprising but it is true. Different crystals have different properties and they affect a human… Continue Reading »


Things to remember while choosing Diamonds or Pearls

Davy Greene July 4, 2015

Diamonds and pearls are two forms of jewellery. Diamonds are commonly symbol of romance. Diamonds and pearls are appreciated because of their brilliance, style and luxury effect. With right information, you will be able to choose the diamonds and pearls in flexible budget. Here are some simple tips and information related to diamonds and pearls…. Continue Reading »

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