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Tata Motors and Their Popular Truck Models – Overview

amankhandelwal123 May 20, 2021

Tata Motors is one of the leading manufacturing companies introducing commercial and defence vehicles for the consumers. They produce commercial vehicles with high tech advanced technology providing better performance, better mileage and better fuel efficiency. Their motive is to fulfil all the commercial needs by providing affordable trucks. 

Popular model of Tata Motors

  • Tata Intra V10 

This model of Tata Motors is on the popular list because of its main factors: this model provides high performance, great power, higher comfort, and powerful engines. It has a powerful 4 cylinders 1496 CCS Di engine and opposite excellent performance. This comes from a premium range of compact trucks with 1000 kg of payload capacity. This model also consists of electric power steering, which enhances the driver’s safety and comfort.

Tata Intra V10 price is a premium range of price but affordable for all the commercial places in order to fulfil their cargo needs. It has a very low maintenance level and offers various advanced features such as an adjustable driver seat, Gear shift advisor and eco mode. It has 110 NM of torque and leaf spring suspension, making the driving experience smoother.

  • Tata Ace Gold

This model of Tata Motors is the listed and most popular last mile mini truck choice among the consumer. The truck is fulfilling all the cargo needed in the rural and urban areas. Tata Ace remains the first in delivering trucks with high money proposition value and available in the various fuel options. Buying this truck for your transport and logistics business needs will give you a greater revenue return. 

Tata Ace price is an affordable price by all the businesses and offers real value to money. This truck is king in the mini segment and is equipped with parabolic leaf spring suspension. It has a 2 cylinder, 700 CCS Di engine with 45 Nm of torque. It has a radial tyre which ensures that the truck consumes all-terrain completely. 

  • Tata 407 Gold SFC

This model of Tata Motors is the value offering model of your money spent. This truck is offering higher performance across cities and villages. This model is built with a more refined engine and provides higher performance to its users. This truck is trustworthy for fulfilling all the needs of your logistics and cargo. Tata 407 gold is available in three different variants: Cabin, chassis frame, or full side deck.

Tata 407 price is very efficient and economical for the buyer, and it is providing money proposition value as well. Containing BS6 avtar, and it has the most potent terrain to complete business needs. 

Above stated models are the popular choice of the consumer in Tata Motors, delivering high performance and better fuel efficiency. For more updated information, stay tuned with us.

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