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The Advantages of Being an Accredited Employer in New Zealand!

johnmiller3413 January 18, 2022

The New Zealand government has shown to be a responsible and kind entity that has generously supplied for its residents at all times, particularly while the entire globe is reeling from the consequences of the deadly COVID-19 epidemic.

Apart from border exemptions in specific cases, the introduction of the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa, welcoming international students back, and extending Work and Visitor visas are all intended to protect citizens from the pandemic while simultaneously improving their conditions, according to New Zealand Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi. 

Employer Accreditation in New Zealand: A Quick Overview

The New Zealand government has established an international recruiting and retention tool that will benefit NZ firms that need qualified labour anywhere in the world. Many firms in New Zealand have used this recruitment tool to take advantage of the various perks that come with it.

Before recruiting any skilled foreign labour in New Zealand, every NZ company to be authorised must undergo specific immigration processes. Immigration New Zealand must approve the recruiting procedure if the candidate meets the suggested criteria.

As a result, a company saves money on the recruiting process and has the freedom to pick the most qualified individual from an immigration standpoint. There will be substantial changes for firms planning to seek certification in New Zealand this year.

What Are the Steps to Obtaining Accreditation as an Employer?

Immigration New Zealand will thoroughly review your accreditation application before granting you certification.

•The following factors are used to assess the application:

•An employer’s financial standing should be strong.

•Human resource policies that are effective should be adopted into the company.

•Working conditions that are healthy

•New Zealand nationals will be recruited and trained.

The Advantages of Being an Accredited Employer in NZ

Certification, licensure, and accreditation provide distinct advantages in every developed and emerging country with various career options. New Zealand is no exception. If an employer gets accredited, they might receive a variety of benefits. Employer accreditation requirements have been introduced by the New Zealand government and immigration department to reduce workplace exploitation and enhance the working conditions of indigenous and migrant employees. On the other hand, employers are entitled to several perks detailed below.

•Accreditation improves a recognised employer’s reputation in New Zealand.

•Assume your firm requires you to recruit a growing number of qualified labourers and a skilled workforce from all over the world.

•In that instance, an accreditation status NZ will serve as a springboard for locating and hiring qualified candidates for critical positions.

•A specific work visa with varied rights and facilities is available to approved firms in New Zealand.

•Once an employer has been recognised, they can facilitate work visas from all around the world.

•Any applicant looking for work in New Zealand does not need to submit an extra employer supplemental form. What Are the Steps to Obtaining Accreditation as an Employer?

•Work to Residence (accredited employer) Immigration New Zealand gives special visa applications.

•There is no need for a labour market examination after the company has been accredited employer in NZ.

•Employees who an accredited employer hires are assigned to the residential pathway. The bearer of a resident visa and New Zealand entrepreneur visa, on the other hand, is assigned to an INZ branch.


In the end, before the changes get executed from July 2021, the labour hiring company and single employers should make a beeline to present their applications regarding accreditations. Having the appropriate documentation on hand might be beneficial.

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