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The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional For Hardwood Floor Installation

enmarflooring September 20, 2021

Hardwood flooring has resurfaced as a popular and in-demand option, and with good reason. Hardwood flooring is long-lasting, attractive, and has a traditional, elegant appearance that few other flooring options can match. When appropriately installed, hardwood flooring can give warmth to any home and may be tailored to fit any décor. Some homeowners choose to refinish or preserve their old hardwood floors, while others prefer to replace them entirely.

Do-it-yourself flooring installation is becoming increasingly popular. However, most homeowners struggle to master the learning curve required to lay a good hardwood floor. It is usually best to hire professionals from hardwood floor repair companies in Phoenix, because they have the necessary tools and skills to run this project smoothly.


Wood flooring installation in Phoenix happens in four different phases.

  1. The Initial Phase

The size estimation is the initial step. An estimator will come to your house and measure your flooring when you contact a provider. Don’t worry if their figure is higher than yours; they’ll include at least a 10% overage to account for wastage from the wood-cutting process.

  • Second Phase

The pricing estimate is the second phase. The size estimator may sit down with you right then and there to work on the statistics and give you a price estimate. Alternatively, the estimator may return to the company with the statistics and contact you later.

Obtain estimates from at least three different companies. Expect a huge price spread once all of the estimates are in. Some installers may give exorbitant estimates since they know that a certain percentage of homeowners will sign a contract right away. Don’t be one of those homeowners. You can select outlier estimates by acquiring three or more estimations.

  • Phase Three

This is the delivery and acclimation of the flooring, which should take place at least three days before the installers come. The term “acclimation” refers to the process of the wood achieving moisture balance or equilibrium with the home.

  • The Fourth Stage

The final phase is installation. The installers can begin immediately if the subfloor is in good shape.

Hardwood floor installers are known for their efficiency and speed. At least one or two rooms in your house will have a new floor by the end of the day.


You may have contemplated doing your hardwood floor installation in Phoenix on your own as a do-it-yourself job. Despite what you may have seen on your favorite home improvement show, installing hardwood flooring yourself may be difficult.

There are some advantages to hiring a professional for the installation job, such as Enmar Flooring in Phoenix. Here are a few reasons why you should employ a flooring professional to install your new hardwood floor.

  1. They save you from doing the work

Installing hardwood floors is physically strenuous. Installing hardwood flooring takes a lot of bending and crouching, and it may be particularly taxing on the back and knees. Allowing hardwood floor repair companies in Phoenix to handle the installation is a good idea.

  • You’ll require the appropriate equipment.

Trying to install hardwood floors on your own can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the professionals’ specialized tools and equipment. You may need to spend more money renting the appropriate equipment and learning how to use it to accomplish this. A professional installer will add quality and craftsmanship to your flooring installation that an amateur will not be able to.

  • Proper preparation

As with many construction projects, proper preparation is key to successful completion. Amateurs might give up some of those preparatory steps to get the project moving. Nevertheless, a professional knows how important the proper installation preparation is to the finished product, and hiring a pro in Arizona, Phoenix will ensure your installation is done correctly.


Professional hardwood floor installation in Phoenix are often small one or two-person outfits and a good one can be hard to find. To locate them, check out:

  • Store contact lists 

Stores that sell flooring materials often have a list of independent installers. While these installers may be unaffiliated with the stores, the stores do have a vested interest in weeding out the bad installers and promoting the better ones.

  • Neighbors and friends

When a nearby house has a wood flooring installation, check out their work. When the installers take a break, ask for a card. Also, evaluate their work habits. Do they respect the home and the property? Are they wasting too much board length with their cuts? Follow up by getting feedback from the homeowners.

  • Online listings

Online contractor-matching services are lead generators that can connect you with home improvement professionals such as flooring installers. Enmar Flooring is the oldest and is considered one of the most reputable hardwood flooring services. Keep in mind, though, that when a lead generator sends three floor installers to your property, this is no guarantee of quality.

It may be tempting to attempt to save money by installing hardwood flooring yourself if you plan to install new hardwood flooring in your home or business. But it’s better to consider a professional hardwood flooring installer, as the finished product will be of higher quality and you won’t have to deal with the difficult task of installing the floor yourself. For more information about the benefits of hiring a professional hardwood floor installation in Phoenix, visit Enmar Flooring.

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