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The Best Halloween costume and Contact lenses Ideas for Guys

Qaisahmaadi November 12, 2019

And just like that we have reached October and only a few days away to Halloween. It is downright the most spookiest and fun event of the year. So how come it is the most fun time of the year? Well, if you are a guy then it is certainly the Halloween themed parties that are going to be extra crazy. On this day you have a free pass to go completely wild with the freaky costume and those special effect Halloween eye contacts.

The Best Halloween costume and Contact lenses Ideas for Guys
Halloween contact lenses

I bet you have already prepared something crazy for this year’s Halloween party. Well, guess what, we have some of the craziest ideas to make you look the craziest at your Halloween party.

I know choosing the right look and the coolest spooky costume can be overwhelming. After all, there is so much to choose from. There are so many inspirations and ideas that you are always wondering what should you go for. So let us take a look at what we can do to make this Halloween one to remember.

Halloween Costume is the first priority
Choosing a Halloween costume is not straight forward as you must have found out. But before you decide on a Halloween costume you must know what you want to look like. Are you trying to look like someone incredibly scary? Or just you want to look the coolest of the lot at your Halloween themed party. So you have to get the right Halloween costume that would make you look exactly like what you wanted. If it is scary then choosing a zombie or a demon costume would do the trick.

Focus on your eye makeup
Just having Halloween contact lenses won’t have the effect you want. You need some makeup around the eye to enhance the effect of your Halloween contact lenses. You must have seen on TV the horrifying characters that their eyes are the most prominent feature of their gory facial appearance. That is made with the help of Halloween contact lenses and eye makeup.

You cannot hope to accomplish a truly devilish facial appearance without Halloween eye contacts and some makeup to go alongside. It is crucial that you get the makeup around your eyes perfect and the perfect special effect lenses to bring your horror costume to life.

Go Freaky Crazy For Halloween

Halloween is about having fun, there is not going to be another day this year that will amount to so much fun. Halloween can make you go crazy, it is the only day where you can let your wild side roam free. That is why you should find the craziest of costumes and the most wild makeup. This day you do everything that shows your wild side.

Accessorize your costume
Oh yeah, do not forget about the rest of the Halloween accessories. Halloween bring a lot of amazing accessories so you can dress as freaky as you want. There are things like wigs, vampire teeth and fake blood. You mix all that with the special effect Halloween contact lenses and you will be the creature everyone will fear on Halloween. You can put some dark colours on your hair and have some fake blood dripping from your body and head. Things like these will make it all the more fun.

Use scary colours
Colours make a lot of difference for Halloween. The use of dark and bright colours has always been a theme of Halloween for some time now. The use of red, black, and white colours has been the theme for Halloween and as the Halloween party is always at night so you can use UV Halloween contacts. The glow in the night will provide a wonderful effect.

These are some of the best Halloween ideas for guys. Make sure to apply them for Halloween and bring out the freak from inside.

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