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The Best Home For You (According to Your Zodiac)

souy139 April 29, 2017

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” -Maya Angelou

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams” -Unknown

More often than not, the Chinese zodiac has been used as somewhat of a reference to ascribe particular personality traits, fortunes, lucky colors and even ideal partners to various individuals. It has become more than a traditional classification scheme where an animal is assigned to each year in a cyclical dozen, for some it has become a roadmap as to what worldly aspects would suit them best. It has been widely accepted that the animal ruling one’s birth year has a significant influence on that individual’s personal life which ranges from the best partners to one’s destiny. Though the efficacy Chinese Astrology when it comes to having a profound impact on our love lives and even financial matters still remains to be a widely debated topic, it is certainly fun to know what your zodiac would say when it comes to the various aspects of your life. This article will aid you in selecting the best home for you according to your Chinese zodiac.

RAT (High-Rise Condominium)

For the sophisticated rats, it should be nothing less than class and luxury which is why the high-rise towers and condominium units of Arca South would be perfect for individuals with this Chinese zodiac. Apart from the elegant lifestyle, rats are also known to have an active nature and would enjoy a flexible social circle making the condominium unit ideal for them as it houses many other residents which the rat can easily make friends with.

Ox (Farm Property)

The Ox is associated with hard work and the people born under this sign are not any different. Individuals born under this sign are known to have a keen sense of commitment which would make a home in a farmland or a home with a land the best choice for them.

Tiger (House or Townhouse)

Tigers are known to be one of the most active individuals of the zodiac. They express themselves loudly and proudly and are known to do things in a rather high-handed way. Although tigers can practically live in any kind of home, they would thrive in a townhouse near the city center as it is centrally located.

Rabbit (House and Lot)

The most responsible individuals among the zodiac rabbits ar known to be conservative and cautious and as a result would tend to miss opportunities due to their lack of nerve and grit. Seeing as this is the case, long-term living is perfect for rabbits as the combination of responsibility with the scant desire for trying new things would allow them to stick to the commitment of owning a house and lot.

Dragon (Apartment of Condominium)

Intelligent and confident, dragons are the only mythical creature in the Chinese Zodiac. Dragons have little to no regard for tradition and would allow for a more smooth future making them appropriate residents for apartments or condominiums. The property and location would allow them to find new challenges to keep their lives exciting.

Snake (Apartment or Condominium for Rent)

Though considered as one of the good communicators of the Zodiac, snakes are known to have a more quiet and reserved side. They are also known to get bored rather quickly which makes them jump from one job to another. Seeing as the snake can be rather flighty, condominiums and apartments for rent would be ideal for them. The convenience of being able to move from place to place would make them thrive.

Horse (Apartment or Condominium)

Energetic and animated, horses would do well in any career they choose so long as it requires no solitude nor meditation. As they love being around crowds and are known to be active, horses would flourish best in homes near people or near business districts such as apartments or condominiums.

Goat (Beach property)

The tranquility and relaxing ambiance of the beach would afford the goats to have the serenity they prefer while being able to explore their creativity. Known to be gentle as well as mild-mannered, beach houses are appropriate for goats seeking to enjoy the finer things in life.

Monkey (Apartment and Condominium for rent)

Like the snakes, monkeys are known to get easily bored in whatever aspect in their lives—including their careers. They can easily adapt to any working and home environment which would make a temporary residence such as condominium or apartment for rent perfect for them.

Rooster (House and Lot)

Roosters tend to be vain and boastful, but that does not keep them from being popular with other people. A house and lot are perfect for roosters as they can use their talents in improving their homes as well as making it the center of attention.

Dog (House and Lot)

The dogs of the zodiac have a strong sense of sincerity and loyalty. Dogs are known to do anything for those who are close to them making a house and lot with plenty of space ideal for them. A home in a quiet neighborhood is best as dogs are known to put family and simplicity at the forefront in their way of living.

Pig (House and Lot)

Pigs are the most determined individuals among the Chinese zodiac. They set a goal and would devote all their energy to it which makes a house and lot the ideal home for them as it is the most appropriate type of home for their all-in personality.

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