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The best toys for cats

paulinew April 17, 2021

As a cat owner, you probably spent a lot of money on a new toy for your cat, but found that your feline friend wasn’t interested. Cats are very difficult to please which, combined with their intelligence, means it can be difficult to find best cat toys that can be enjoyed for more than five minutes. If you’re looking for toys to stimulate your cat, here are a few you may want to consider.

Fishing toys and magic wand

They may seem pretty simple and unattractive to the human eye, but cats don’t seem to get tired of shifting things with their paws and chasing small patches of fur. Of course, a cat’s natural instinct is to stalk and hunt. So if your cat spends all day indoors, you have no outlet for these trends.

A magic wand or fishing toy consists of a simple stick with a small piece of fur or a few feathers on the end of a string. The best type of magic wand toy is one that is lightweight, as it will give your cat more fun. These types of toys are definitely worth investing in, as not only will your cat have a lot of fun with them, but you can also play with them with your pet.


Another relatively inexpensive option is balls, which are likely to be almost easy to get lost. However, like the magic wand toy, a ball allows the cat to practice his hunting and jumping instincts. In general, most cats prefer a ball that sounds or makes different sounds. Playing with a ball is a simple game that can be played alone, which means your cat can stay stimulated while you are away. Alternatively, you can of course also participate when you are at home.

Cloth toys

While I’m an advocate of simple toys, a fabric toy that doesn’t do anything will not entertain a cat for long. In general, a cat prefers a toy that moves. However, if you want to buy small cloth toys, it is highly recommended that they contain catnip. If you’re looking for catnip toys, consider rechargeable toys as the scent won’t last long. However, these types of toys can generally be bought very cheaply, so it can take less time to buy new toys instead of finding new catnip.

Other small toys

More small toys I would recommend are coil spring set ones as they are great for hitting and sliding. You will likely find some scratching posts that have these types of toys attached to; this is especially attractive to the cat and will encourage him to use the scratching post and bouncy castle.

Laser pointers

Laser pointers are some of the newest best cat toys to beat, but whether or not they’ll appeal to your cat depends on your pet’s individual temperament. Those who like toys with laser pointers really love them. On the other hand, there are cats who couldn’t be less interested. The good news is that a laser pointer can be bought relatively inexpensively, so it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to find out if it looks nice to your cat.

Owners should never point the laser directly at the cat. Make sure the laser is aimed at the ground. If your cat is interested, he will chase the laser to try and catch him.

These are, of course, just some of the toys to consider for your cat. There are many more options available, so it is easy to ensure that your pet is never bored.

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