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The Best Travel Gear & Accessories

LenaH November 3, 2021

Taking a trip anywhere is meant for relaxation, exploration, and exciting new experiences. You want to relax, unwind, and generally have a good time. It’s almost funny how a single item can almost ruin that, or better yet, lack of a certain item. Going anywhere, overseas or locally in Australia, can be a pain if you forget your favorite item. It can be that much worse if it was something essential. Yes, you can probably buy some of them at many locations but, what if you are out and exploring the great Australian outback? It’s important to always have a list of essential items that can be used wherever you may go and find yourself. With that in mind, we aim to refresh your memory and provide you with a few useful ideas.

1. Backpacks VS Suitcases

Let’s keep it simple here. If you are backpacking, (there’s the keyword) across the Australian outback, you will most certainly use a backpack. It’s ideal for the wilderness as their materials are tailored to survive a bit of a beating alongside wear and tear. You can stick pretty much anything in them and, we will cover this later. A suitcase is for more urban and stationary travels. If you are going for a vacation to a resort and will be staying in a hotel room all the time, then a suitcase is the way to go. Going thru urban areas is more suited (again, here is the keyword) for them and, you will find them practical.

2. Technical gadgets

This goes without saying that you should bring tech alongside. Essentials like a phone and cameras are on anyone’s list but, there is so much more here and, it’s mostly to enhance and support them. Energy banks are a lifesaver if you are going somewhere remote and you can never have enough of them. Just plan accordingly and, for how long will you be away from sources of power. Various international adapters are a must if you are going to a foreign county as different electrical grids and ports can render your gadgets useless.

Or cause damage if you try to fiddle and plug them in without any converters. You should choose your camera and phone to be durable, long-lasting, and robust. We won’t promote different brands here; the point is to find one that best suits you. Again, if you are going to the wilds, pick something that can withstand the beating, elements, water damage. Scratches, dirt, and fall damage should never be an issue that can prevent you from using your phone or taking a perfect picture shot.

3. Accessories for transit time

Spending time couped up in a train, bus, plane, or whatever you are using to get where you want can be boring. So boring that you want to jump out of your skin. Usually, it tires you out, makes you all sore from the uncomfortable and cramps position, and you are bored out of your mind. But you can easily change that. Have headphones plugged into your laptop and you can entertain yourself for the ride and not bother anyone else.

An ergonomic, reliable neck massager that’s affordable will make you snooze off in seconds. Or provide a comfortable place for your neck as you read. Or maybe you enjoy an audiobook as you nestle in during a long flight, allowing yourself to dream out. Maybe after you are done with transit and are waiting for your next ride, you have to slouch beside a wall? In those cases, such a simple thing is a lifesaver for your neck. Massages are proven to reduce muscle soreness, migraines and boost your immune system. And while these are no replacement for a professional masseur, they are good enough for when you are on the road. Having a travel scarf is also recommended and comfy.

4. Food and water

The easiest way to get sick on any foreign travel is to drink unfiltered water. Always have a water purifier bottle or a similar device to avoid any unnecessary trips to the bathroom. Some options can keep your water, and other beverages cool or warm, depending on their design. Bringing a cooled-off bottle of water to a dry place can be a lifesaver but, the elements are unforgiving. If proper measures are not taken, you won’t be out of the bathroom.

Or even worse, out of the infirmary. One stomach ache and a couple of shots are all it needs to take you to rethink getting a water purifier. Protein snacks and meals are a good source of emergency meals and energy. Finding a store that is always open is not so easy when you are on unfamiliar turf, or if you get stuck somewhere so, having stashes of snacks on you is always a good idea. When you are hungry or thirsty, you can’t think straight so, you should always be a bit stacked up.

5. Clothes that fit you and the environment

Wearing a business suit in the outback of Australia is a sure way to get yourself killed. It’s important to gear up appropriately for any type of travel. Outdoor exploring and camping can be so much easier with jeans that have pockets galore. Aviator jeans are exactly the type. Or any that you wind durable, comfy, and with plenty of pockets to stuff them with useful items. Shoes are what keeps you going so, comfort and safety are paramount.

Appropriate footgear is important for tracking across various types of terrain and, there is no shortage of options here. All that you have to do is pick and choose what is best for your destination. Humans are, after all, the most adaptable species there is. And don’t underestimate the value of quality undergarments. You will be in the wild and, having comfy underwear can be a lifesaver. Natural materials like wool, cotton, and hemp, are all perfect choices for when you want to be safe and healthy. Also, they are made of natural materials so, you are doing the environment a favor.

6. Safety gear

Having your items stolen is no one’s idea of fun times. Chances are you heard the stories of somebody’s wallet or passport getting stolen or lost and the subsequent fallout that occurred. Nothing that isn’t preventable with a safety money belt that can always be on you. Pocketed bras are also available. Various locks that come in different shapes and materials can keep your belongings safe, even in a hotel room. Yes, some hotels have their safes, but what if the one where you are going doesn’t?

Always plan for anything. As for your digital data, you should be wise and back it up. Let’s say, for example, that you are going somewhere with your phone. If it gets lost, all of the data on it is lost as well. The same applies to your laptop, for example. So, backup everything at home before you travel or use cloud services like Google Drive or iCloud. And for the last item here, get Travel Insurance. Yes, it is an added expense but, it has you covered wherever you may go and, in any unpleasant medical situation you may find yourself. Buying a piece of mind is priceless in the long run.

7. Medical gear

Pretty much, the Australian CDC has you covered on this but, you still have to do a bit of research. Always check the country or climate that you are visiting and the specifics regarding it. Some places require adequate shots, some have a specific request that you should adapt. In many cases, it is good to inform yourself so that you can pack accordingly. Some generally useful medical items are anything for water purification (previously mentioned) and bug repellants.

Exotic vacations can have lots of nasty bugs and, you don’t want anything to do with them. If you are going to explore a neck of the woods, it’s good to keep the bugs at bay. Also, if any of your travel companions get sick during transit, double-check if you have any anti-sickness medications. There is no shortage of these medicine solutions available but, we suggest consulting a physician. You can never be too careful with these things.

8. Tools of the trade

If you like to travel or explore, you often take pride in your endeavors. And you should too, as doing it the right way is a thing of beauty. To be prepared is a lesson that must be shared here so, it’s always good to have a tool for every situation. Since space can be limited and chances of losing something increase with the number of items, it’s good to have multi-practical tools. Swiss army knife is an easy example, but there is a whole plethora of multi-practical knives out there to pick from.

Cutlery that has all the essentials bundled together for easy transport and can be a lifesaver out in the woods. Lamps can also be mosquito repellants. Seeing the little bloodsuckers get buzzed to death is a bonus. Honestly, we can go on forever about different types of multi-practical tools and, we wouldn’t cover half of them. The engineer’s ingenuity here is breathtaking and, chances are that you can find any multi-practical tool that you need with a simple google search. Let us know of your weirdest multiracial find.

Simply pulling out the things that you need, in any situation, is much better than having the rug pulled from underneath you. The world can be a scary place with all sorts of unaccounted things happening. But these can be mitigated and prevented with preparation. Proper gearing up for your trips to any place makes you stand out and safer for anything that may come your way. If you are traveling with a group, you can be that guy that they turn to as you have everything needed.

It’s nice not having to worry, and that’s the goal of traveling. Seeing and experiencing new and exciting things. Going somewhere you never were and making unforgettable new memories. These are the things we all look forward to. So, it makes sense to stock up, read up, and properly prepare yourself for an adventure that awaits. We guarantee it will all be worth it in the end.

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