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The Characteristics of a Good Designer Watch

dsmith June 1, 2021

A watch is a statement piece in any outfit, whether it’s a man or a woman. Finding the right designer watch will set you apart from everyone else. A good timepiece will represent your fashion taste in the best mens clothes and give you an exquisite and elegant look. What are the features that make a designer watch attract the right kind of attention to you?

  • Material: Watches are made of steel, but the best ones are exclusively made from stainless steel. The material is resistant to moisture and does not cause skin irritations even to people with sensitive skin. Luxury timepieces also have a PVD coating to help them retain color.

The suitable material will also determine the weight of the timepiece. While some are pretty heavy, others are light and comfortable to wear all day without any discomfort on your wrist. Precious metals on luxurious watches make them a little heavy but not unbearably heavy.

  • Crystal: Crystal is the front window on a watch that is often transparent. The best timepieces have synthetic sapphire on the crystal to make them scratch-resistant—the thicker the crystal, the better the wrist-watch. The quality of the crystal determines the durability of the timepiece because a broken crystal or one with numerous scratches is not attractive.
  • The strap: You can choose between solid stainless steel and leather. A good timepiece will have a durable and gentle material to last you long without hurting your wrist. Straps embellished with precious metals look more appealing than plain ones, but the weight will be more for such timepieces.

Whether you choose a luxury watch with a precious metal strap or leather, make sure the strap is adjustable to fit perfectly on your wrist. A loose watch strap or one that fits too tightly will be uncomfortable to wear an entire day. The strap should also be in a color that matches most of your best men’s clothes.

  • Movement: Before you purchase designer watches online, check whether their movement is automatic or quartz. Luxurious watches will have automatic movement and retail at a much higher price than quartz watches. Mechanical timepieces are less susceptible to breakdowns because they do not use any batteries or springs.

Popular brands that make luxury timepieces have exclusive movements produced in-house, giving the watch much more value than other brands.

  • Chronometer Rating: High-end brands have rank watches according to their ability to keep time in different conditions accurately. A timepiece that has been tested and ranked will have a ‘chronometer certified’ tag on it. These watches are some of the best luxury watches and hence the most expensive ones. Check the rating before you buy designer watches online.
  • Water-resistance: A feature that every watch-wearer wants on their designer timepiece is water resistance. You cannot always be in dry places when wearing your expensive timepiece. You, therefore, need to know that your watch will survive a splash of water or an unplanned dive in the pool.

Designer watches online are pretty pricey, and you cannot afford a new one every so often because of contact with water. A water-resistant watch is an excellent piece to add to your best men’s clothes collection.

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