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The Exotic Koh Samui Island in Thailand an Affordable Romantic Destination!

Marc Plumlee February 27, 2015

Koh Samui

Traveling to an exotic island sometimes means that you have to purchase plane tickets, reserve a stylish hotel, rent a boat or a jet ski and pay some additional money for activities like snorkeling, swimming with turtles or deep sea fishing. And this may be true if you are into having an extravagant vacation and are generally supporting a high-class lifestyle. However, in case you don’t or are trying to fit into another kind of tourist profile, you may think that certain destinations are simply not for you. This cannot be more wrong, especially with today’s offers of accommodations that can adapt to your wishes and specific needs and organize a wonderful holiday that can be slightly different, but equally enjoyable and fulfilling. If you are among those people, here are some tips on how to have a great romantic time on the marvelous island of Koh Samui.

Location, Trip and Accommodation

Thailand beaches

Located near the coast of Thailand’s Malay Peninsula, this island has always had a role in the development, history, culture and tradition of the region and this part of the world. The last several decades have witnessed a rise in tourism as lots of people visit this piece of Heaven on Earth.
However, for those who are not geographically close to Thailand, Indochina or Southeast Asia, getting here might present an issue. Plane tickets are, of course, available from all major airports and there are several dozen landings on Koh Samui every day, so connectivity is not a problem, but if you want to avoid paying an excessive amount of money for a plane seat, you might want to plan ahead and book in advance. Furthermore, if you are paying as a couple, i.e. for two seats, try to find a special two-for-one offer. Finally, newlyweds searching for a hotel should pay attention to those that have honeymoon suites and certain arrangements convenient for couples.

Couples’ Activities


When travelling on a budget or not having a budget at all, there is a certain number of activities you can engage in – those that are cheap, or free, but just as fun and unforgettable. Depending on the state of your relationship and how serious you are, there is a plethora of options, from engaging in a couples’ massage to hiking in pairs on Koh Samui’s many mountain roads and tracks. Also, for those who are planning to get married in Thailand, this island is the perfect place – the scenery, the atmosphere, the sound of the waves and the pearly beaches really make an ideal environment for the most special day of your lives. When looking into couples’ activities, you should not only get informed at your hotel, but also look for in-town options. There are many spas that offer massages and treatments that are both romantic and enjoyable; plus, you can try them at home when you return. Finally, the island is rich with sports and physical activities, so you can play tennis or golf, do yoga or go hiking – and these cost almost nothing.

Budget vs. Enjoyment

The decision between saving some money and having a good time on a vacation should not even exist in modern tourism – when in comes to visiting exotic islands, a trip on a budget to Koh Samui is the epitome of enjoyment, and when sharing it with a special someone, it’s even better!

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