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The Future of Computer Science Study. Why Should You Choose it?

syedtutul September 19, 2022

Some people believe that computer science is not rice. And those who keep a little bit of computer science, their ideas are millions of taka only after reading it.

Those who do not have any rice in it, say something about it before. People used to wake up before reading the magazine. Now read an online newspaper. It does not fall through a tab, either through a smartphone or on a laptop or a PC. Wherever they fall, they need a lot of software. As for mobile phones, the mobile is running through an operating system. There is a browser inside it that reads the magazine with. All the programs have to write, code. Many of the code works behind the loading of the magazine in the browser. Which were written by a computer coder …

TV shows are now smart TVs. All of them are filled with many programs. Cameras are smart cameras Many are full of programs. Maybe smart cars will have to wait for more to get to our country, but all those made in advanced countries are now made up of smart control panels. Unmanned driving car The software that will control is by default.

When is the analog seen in the hospital? Everything is digital All things Even harder operations are done with the help of robots. They are run with the perfect software. Better to be used in more places, more accurately. I can write a few pages when I write everything. Everything is being controlled with software. They just got started There is a lot more left in front.

Wearable technology will change everything. The clothes that we put on them will be programmable. The glasses that you wear are programmable. The lens will be visible, and programmable. You can visit to get ideas for a lot more. Because they already have been created. Many gikes are passing through these days …

All of them are likely to have a lot of enthusiasm for computer science. Go ahead and forward. You can see something new. If someone still thinks that computer science is not rice, then surely they are residents of the 19th century.

Most of the work of people will occupy robots. Most jobs will be robots. Two parts of robots are hardware and software. The programming that you know, that software can be developed, is not it? Any engineer with hardware and computer science, any doctor will develop …

Again, those who believe in computer science have millions of rupees, but not so much.

The whole field is practicable. To solve problems, to think about something, implement it, combine hardware and software together, to accomplish the necessary tasks. When you read computer science, you will first learn many theories … then you will be asked to do some of these theories that will be useful. To do this new thing you need to know a lot about the subjects taught in the organization. Practice night and day.

It is not that you went to read computer science somewhere and finally came out with a certificate. You need to regularly update your skills. And at one time real success will be found. If people need to work on computer science, no one without skill will not be able to do this.

If there is a need for certification, there are many universities in the country, where certificates are available when some money is given. The certificate does not seem to be useful without washing water. No company needs to know about computer science. There is all the information on the internet. You need to learn yourself. There are many communities. Many experts are there to help if there is any problem. What you think about computer science is not important, how much you know about this topic is so important. The main purpose is to apply your knowledge. And if you know better, then implementing it properly will surely lead to success. Also, you can’t find a job, and you can earn a lot of freelance work.

As we know about ourselves, Google and Facebook know more than us. Whether I am in relation or not, nobody can understand Facebook.

There will be an app or website at some time, that will say, if you do this, then your life will be like this. If you do that, then your life will be like that. No, it’s not magic, but astrology or not. Technology. Maybe you can see something like that. And if I can see it, it will be great … and their bay

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