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The Hottest 2016 Information Technology Trends To Explode This Year

Caroline Kastner November 14, 2016

Information Technology is used across the world daily for a large variety of applications. Over the years, information technology has evolved greatly bringing with it so many new devices available to use. 2016 is set to become a groundbreaking year for information technology with the release of some amazing and upcoming technology solutions that are anticipated by the world. Here’s a rundown on what’s set to explode onto the scene in the technology world this year.

Magnifying glass over trends to watch text

Magnifying glass over trends to watch text

Protocol Conversion Device Technology

Protocol conversion technology is being developed to transfer data across multiple devices. This technology is fast tracking itself right across the world and is currently installed in some major industries in different countries. With its ability to handle multiple applications, industries are said to:

  • Gain more profit from this technology in the coming years.
  • Improve overall productivity of an operation.
  • Streamline the network operations of the industry for increased system performance.

The way this technology works is the hardware and software is integrated into the end user. Data is sent between devices as the second network protocols wrap data into it while the first network protocol headers are removed.

The Device Mesh

The device mesh is the expansion of communication between multiple devices. It gives people a way to:

  • Interact with one another
  • Gain information
  • Gain access to people, government, social communities and businesses across many different devices.

The device mesh refers to anything related to technology devices in multiple categories which include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Mobiles
  • Home electronics
  • Sensors
  • Environmental devices
  • Wearables
  • Automotive devices.

The device mesh trend will enable for all different devices to cooperate and interact with one another in a much easier way. This will increase productivity tenfold for many people right around the world.


This year wearable devices are going to be a big thing with more people looking forward to these ground breaking technology solutions. With the anticipation behind wearables it’s no wonder predictions of sales is said to skyrocket. The current prediction of wearables for 2016 includes:

  • The sale of over 111 million devices right around the world in the coming year. This is much higher than last years’ prediction of 80 million units being shipped out throughout 2015.

Some of the highly anticipated wearables which are popular this year includes smartwatches, Google Glass, and fitness trackers. On top of this trend, there’s whispers of new mobile app developments for these devices.

Adaptive Security

Adaptive security is highly anticipated by larger companies and corporations to help with their fight against cyber criminals and attacks. With the help of new adaptive security technology, it can:

  • Analyse the data and predict the cyber-criminal’s next move.
  • Help to keep important information safe and from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Create a stronger and more powerful company with intensive security solutions in place.

This new advancement in the war against online cyber attacks is becoming very popular with more and more people incorporating them into their business setup.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality technology is said to explode this coming year with the highly awaited release of VR or AR headsets. Microsoft and Oculus Rift are said to be the main VR/AR technology contributors and with the popularity behind these devices, the first year of sales is said to reach anywhere up to twelve million units. Benefits of these headsets include:

  • The potential for headsets to be used in design work, engineering, training, construction and communications.
  • The ability to see the world in a brand new way like never before.
  • The ability to offer a new entertainment solution for tech savvy individuals.
  • Pushes the human race further along the evolutionary technology trail.

Overall businesses are said to be a major winner with the release of these devices. Another big contender in this industry trend is said to be the upcoming Microsoft HoloLens.


With the increase in new technology advancements, it’s no wonder new trends are coming out every year. Once these trends take flight it’ll be very interesting to see what will be coming in the new year. Do any of these trends excite you?

Bio: Caroline Kastner

Caroline Kastner loves everything that has to do with technology. She enjoys the search for upcoming technologies and loves to share them with the world. She has contributed to Equustek Solutions Inc. in the past. She is passionate about being healthy, and enjoys walking along the beach with her son and dog.

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