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The meaningful role of E liquid boxes in the CBD industry

jamesfranks October 4, 2021

E-liquid boxes provide companies with an opportunity to display and promote their e liquids in a professional manner. These play a vital role in the CBD industry. If your E-liquid boxes are not presentable and appealing, no matter how good your e liquids are, these will not sell in great numbers. The customers now prefer products with attractive packages. You help your products in standing out from the crowd and are also helpful for marketing purposes. These boxes have a significant role in the CBD industry because they allow businesses to grow more. These are fully customizable and are an effective tool for promotion if you wonder how these boxes play a vital role in the CBD industry.

Product protection with E liquid boxes

Product protection is always the central aspect that companies are worried about. It leaves a bad experience on the customers when they wait for days to receive their e liquids and when they finally reach them, they are damaged. Moreover, it results in a bad shopping experience. These E-liquid boxes are manufactured with high-strength cardboard, which ensures the protection of these breakable e-liquid bottles. In addition, there are custom insets inside the box to hold the bottle firmly. Apart from that, as cardboard material is made for shipping, these boxes made of cardboard are fully capable of bearing the loads and shocks that a product might carry while it is in transit.


The cost is always the most discussed factor in any business. Companies try to find ways by which they can reduce the costs of their materials and the shipping charges. Luckily the materials used for the packaging of these e liquids are commonly found. These materials are Kraft and Cardboard. These materials are naturally made, so the raw material needed for their mass production is readily available.

Furthermore, these can be crafted in a variety of sizes, which helps in reducing shipping costs. Some shipping companies use volumetric weight to estimate the shipping charges, so these small packages will help you save shipping costs. Other shipping companies consider the importance of the packaging. You are also taken care of because these packages are lightweight, and they would not cost much in shipping.

Marketing of a brand Using E liquid Boxes

Many companies do not realize that these boxes are also perfect for marketing purposes. In the CBD industry, there is immense competition for making the most sales. That is why e-liquid companies try every way to market their brand to their customers. E-liquid packaging has a vital role to play here too. These are print-friendly materials that you can print with all the correct information that the customer might be looking for. In addition, the use of proper illustrations helps the customers in getting attracted to your e-liquid boxes.

Similarly, typography plays a vital role in the packaging too. It is not about just printing the name of the brand on the box. It is about printing essential information regarding the product. You help more people getting to know about your brand. It displays a professional look.


Customers always prefer unique-looking product packages. Picture this, you are at a mall, and you have 5 boxes in front of you. Out of these 5, one is a relatively new packaging design. Which one would you pick? There is a high chance of selecting the unique one because it attracts you more than the conventional shapes. Thanks to the materials used for making e-liquid packaging, you can always craft them in unique shapes to attract customers. Some irregular shapes of boxes used for packing e liquids are bookcase packages, rigid packages, sleeve boxes, etc. This particular box design will help your product get highlighted while on a retail shelf at a store.

Printing options

These boxes for e liquids are made from some of the best printable materials. That is why companies hire dedicated designers to come up with the best-looking design. The illustrations can be of many types. It can be regarding the product itself, or it can be related to any upcoming event. For example, the holiday season is approaching. People are looking for Christmas-related packages. So you can take advantage of it and dress up your e-liquid packaging with Christmas-related graphics. That will make your boxes more attractive to the customers, and they will appreciate this creativity. If not Christmas, you can always search for the latest designs for CBD boxes over the internet, and you will come up with many options.

Many factors decide the success or failure of your products in the CBD industry. However, E-liquid boxes can play a meaningful role in your business if you use them properly. The advantages they provide to the e-liquid companies are mentioned above. So what are you waiting for? Contact your supplier and order these packages in bulk now!

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