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The Pros and Cons of E-Sports

Naveedx September 10, 2021

Watching the Pros Play is Fun

Let’s start with the obvious. Watching e-sports pros play is incredible. Whether you’re watching a professional CS:GO match, a League of Legends tournament, or some other e-sport being played, it’s incredibly fun to watch! It’s even more fun to watch a match between two teams that you really like or dislike. Recently I watched Astralis play against Virtus Pro in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Major 2018 on Twitch and it was great! Watching professionals compete at their highest level can be very entertaining and I know that for me personally if I’m bored and want something fun to do (because who doesn’t like gaming?), watching an e-sport tournament will always make me feel better. I love board games and card games, but sometimes I want a break from playing them. Watching a competitive match will always be something that I can do if I’m looking for something fun to do with my free time.

Playing E-Sports is Fun Too!

I feel like this point should have been obvious, but just in case it wasn’t, let’s talk about why playing e-sports is also fun. In my personal experience, playing e-sports is incredibly fun and enjoyable when you have people to play the game with. Playing video games by yourself can get boring pretty fast unless you’re really good at beating difficult levels in games like Cuphead or The Binding of Isaac (which are both incredible by the way!). When you’re playing an e-sport game with friends who know how to play well and know what they’re doing, it can be an incredibly fun experience! E-sports are made for multiplayer gaming which means that there’s no better way to enjoy these types of games than by hanging out with your friends (or strangers) and participating in some friendly competition. Some of my fondest memories growing up were created while watching professional CS:GO matches on Twitch or competing against friends in CS:GO or League of Legends tournaments. Playing e-sports together makes for some great times because everyone involved enjoys themselves! If everyone involved doesn’t enjoy themselves then there should probably be other things available for people to do anyway.

E-Sports Can Be Played by Anyone

One of the best parts about e-sports is that you don’t have to be a professional gamer or even very good at playing video games to enjoy them. Even though I’ve been playing video games almost every day for my whole life, I’m still awful at most e-sport titles. If you’re reading this and you’re like me and find yourself not being very good at these types of games, then don’t worry about it! Not everyone out there is as skilled as the professionals who play professionally for a living on Twitch or YouTube. There are plenty of gamers out there who aren’t amazing players but enjoy watching and playing e-sports anyway! The fact that anyone can participate in an e-sport whether they’re really bad or really good means that everyone has an opportunity to experience it for themselves and see if they like it or not. You don’t need any special skills, talents, money, equipment, etc., to be able to participate in some matches with your friends online (as long as you have some friends willing to play against). This makes the world of competitive gaming open up much more widely than other competitive sports because it allows people from all walks of life with different backgrounds all over the world compete against each other without having any barriers between them besides their skill level which can vary tremendously depending on how much time people put into practicing their game together.

E-sports is really fun stuff. I know that I’ve enjoyed playing and watching it for my whole life, and I think that if you give it a try you might just enjoy it too!

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