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The Ultimate Guide for Self-Storage Spaces in Singapore

daniel_wong1482 September 22, 2021

Learn about the self-storage spaces and utilize them in a better way.

Self-storage facilities can cater to a variety of needs, whether you need to temporarily store a few items or need a long-term storage solution for your entire home. Choosing the right facility for your needs is crucial to ensure that you get the most space and security for your money.

What is a Self-Storage Unit?

A self-storage unit is a storage space that is used for personal or commercial purposes. You can temporarily store your products in the storage space. The items are stored in the facility if they are still not in use but are expected to be used or supplied in the future.

What does it take to rent a self-storage unit? You can make a storage rental as simple or as complicated as you want. At its most basic level, all you need to do is visit a self-storage facility, sign up for the appropriate unit size, and then move in. However, you should do some research about the facility you choose, the services you require, the size of unit you require, and much more, Investing in a proper self-storage space in Singapore is very important.

Let’s discuss some of the points to keep in mind while searching for a self-storage space to rent:

Find The Self-Storage Unit of The Size You Require:

The size of the storage unit is a very important point to consider. Make sure that the warehouse space for rent you are taking has the capacity to store all your belongings. Also do not overspend while selecting the right-sized storage unit. Use properly sized boxes so that you are able to utilize the storage space in a better way. 

Safety And Security:

When storing your valuables, you want to be sure that they will be kept safe. Always rent a self storage space in Singapore that provides 24*7 CCTV surveillance and security guards. Some of such storage units even allow you to monitor your unit through mobile apps. You should select the unit that either provides digitally looked doors or allows you to put padlocks.


Select that warehouse space for rent that is centrally located. It should be easily accessible through public transportation. There is a parking lot for those who prefer to travel through their own vehicles. It should have eateries, groceries, shopping malls, eateries, and other recreational places for your employees to relax and enjoy during break.


It’s important to ensure that you will be able to retrieve your goods if need them frequently. Some facilities may have access restrictions. They might require you to phone ahead before entering your unit, or are only open during certain hours. Whereas some facilities allow 24*7 access. Thus, it is better to clarify this before signing the lease agreement.

Provides Basic Facilities:

When storing your belongings, you want to know that they will be kept safe and in the same condition as when you first placed them in the unit. Look for clean, dry facilities that will adequately protect your belongings. There should be proper lighting and ventilation too. Make sure that aircons are provided if required. It should also provide direct loading and trolleys for loading-unloading easily.

The Self-Storage Space Should Be in Your Budget:

This is a very important point to always keep in mind while taking a warehouse space for rent. You should select the storage unit that fulfills all your requirements but is also within your budget. Going over the budget can cause an unnecessary burden on your business especially if you are a new business owner.

Lease Agreement:

Select a self-storage facility that allows you to rent on monthly basis. This makes things easy for you. Read the lease agreement thoroughly. Make sure that there are no additional costs such as maintenance charges, parking fees, and others. Ask your landlord whether the insurance is covered in your rental agreement or not. If you do not agree with any of those mentioned clauses, discuss them with the landlord before signing the papers. Otherwise, additional expenses or any other clause can cause a lot of problems for you at a later stage.

Provides Space for Working:

Ensure that the self-storage unit provides enough space for working if your business requires you to work from the unit. There should be ample space for employees to move and work. Also, there should be meeting rooms in case you require to meet your clients in the storage facility.


Having an appropriate self-storage space is very essential. It helps you to keep your office decluttered and well organized. While your belongings are stored in a safe and secured place. Finding a suitable storage unit is a huge process and should not be taken lightly. Hopefully, the above points would help you in searching for the perfect warehouse space for rent.

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