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The Ultimate Guide on How to Wear Statement Rings for Women

alicesmith July 5, 2021

You’ve seen them dramatic, eye-catching, bold, and loud! Statement rings for women have been a hot trend for quite some time.

From cocktail rings to cuff bracelets, statement pieces come in all forms, designs, colors, and sizes. These rings are normally funky and larger than other everyday rings. Statement rings were usually worn on the right hand either on the middle or ring finger, however today there are no rules when it comes to wearing them.

womens fashion jewelry stand out with their beauty and create a bold expression that is why you need to read this guide to help you learn how to wear them.

  • Choose your Focal Point

What feature do you want to highlight that day? Do you want to draw attention to your neck, ears, or hands? Deciding where you want people’s eyes drawn is a great way to know how to wear the ring. To highlight your fresh hairstyle, choose statement earrings but if you want to show your new manicure, opt for statement rings.

  • Balance with Dainty Jewelry

Even if the statement ring is enough to draw all the attention, you may complete your appearance with dainty jewelry such as a slim bracelet or a chain choker necklace. Two statement items, on the other hand, can look nice together if they are well-matched to prevent looking like each piece is competing for attention.

  • Don’t Overdo

Wearing the right women’s fashion jewelry is about emphasizing your best features with your favorite accessories. When it comes to dressing up, you should choose clothing and other accessories carefully to make a lasting impression without going overboard. Avoid piling on the jewelry because it will make you look overly blingy. Always wear one statement item of jewelry at a time, according to the golden rule.

  • Choose the Finger

Since certain fingers reflect different aspects of your life, from your marital status to your work life, the location of your statement ring can reveal a lot about you.  While you can wear statement rings of all shapes and sizes, be careful with the finger you select. There is no rule on which finger to wear the ring, you just put it on where you see it look best. For example, a large ring with a long design will suit all your fingers but probably not your little finger.


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