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The Water Rowing Machine Advantage

jessicajack October 28, 2021

Like most exercise equipment, rowing equipment has come a long way technologically. However, while other types of fitness equipment have used more and more technology to improve, rowers have applied less. The rowing machine is a good example of this.

Rowing is performed in several types. First, there is the type that is powered by hydraulic pistons. The main problem with these is that they give you a lot of resistance at the beginning of the pull and a lot less at the end. Some use magnetic resistance. These also have the drawbacks of uneven draw. Same thing with air resistance. Nowadays, using water has become the preferred method.

How ironic that the actual thing that offers resistance when participating in real rowing is what makes the water rowing machine. Tanks filled with water are what cause resistance and provide even and consistent draft of all different types.

The advantage of this is the better exercise with more calories and fat burning. Every muscle in your body is worked equally and this resistance also provides the best aerobic or cardio workout because you don’t get any rest between pull-ups.

But perhaps the biggest advantage lies in a factor you may not have considered. Water rowers are fun and really feel real. Many people report using water rowers more than other rowing machines or other types of fitness equipment because they are more comfortable and more enjoyable to use. The fitness machine only works when you use it, so it’s important that you don’t fear exercise and look forward to it instead.

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