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These Rugs Will Bring Out The Real Personality In Your Living Room

therugscafe September 22, 2021

So you want to decorate your new living room with an accessory that will bring out its real personality! You know, a bespoke rug will do the trick. These are customized rugs that will bring out your living room’s real color. Oh, and they will also bring your living room to life!

Bespoke rugs

How can bespoke rugs do all of this?

You may be wondering how bespoke rugs are capable of giving your living room a real makeover. Well, it’s simple. You’re in control every step of the way. Unlike as is the case with most manufacturers of bespoke rugs our artisans don’t make rugs for you to buy.  They wait for your specifications in terms of the materials that you want to use and the designs that you want the rugs to have. In this sense, your wish is their command.

You also get to decide the color scheme for your bespoke rug. So if you want a rug with white and red polka dots our artisans will design and weave this type of a rug for you. Rest assured that each bespoke rug is made with care and knowledge that has been perfected over the centuries.

Ah yes, the most coveted material in the ancient world!

The most coveted material in the ancient world was silk. Ancient people paid a small fortune for items that were made from the Chinese silkworm. There were many reasons for this. The most important thing was that silk looked beautiful. The second most important reason was that silk lasted for centuries. Well, now it’s possible for you to own hand knotted silk rugs.

Hand knotted silk rugs aren’t just works of art. They’re durable masterpieces that will last for generations. They have many knots in them. This ensures that they are of the highest quality of rug that can be made by hand! These rugs are also soft – a big plus for rugs. They have intricate artwork. This alone will ensure that their beauty and vibrance will bring any room that you put them in to life and give it real character.

Sometimes handmade is better!

Machine made items may be known for perfection. That said, it’s not always true that machine made items are superior to handmade ones. Sometimes handmade is better. This is especially true with the bespoke rug and the hand knotted silk rug!

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