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Things to Consider Neon LED Signs for Bedroom

johnmiller3413 September 9, 2021

Neon lights are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners. While neon signs have been the flashy marketing tool for stores and businesses for a long time, they are now a part of home decor. They are widely used in bedrooms, workplace decor, events decor, and more. Many online stores provide neon LED signs for bedrooms with customized designs and shapes. The way you picture them, the stores can delve them into similar shapes. However, you need to consider some factors while choosing the design or phrase. Otherwise, it might turn out to be a mess. 

After all, you do not want to get a wall decor for your bedroom that degrades the atmosphere instead of adding charm to it. If you do not choose the design carefully, you might later realize that the neon sign is either too bright or too messy, or maybe irrelevant to the vibe of your bedroom. So if you are planning to get neon signs for bedrooms, consider the factors that we have mentioned here. They will direct you in the right direction to the bedroom decor.

Type of neon sign 

Neon signs come in various types, and they have different meanings. The Neon sign stores online provide a lot of designs that are created with different mediums. Every kind of neon sign can add a unique appearance to your bedroom. That is why you need to take some time to finalize your options. 

For example, many stores have icon neon signs that can come in one of your favorite celebrity’s portraits. They are portraits entirely curated with neon lights. They can suit well on the walls behind your bed or the corner chair. Icon signs are among the popular neon wall signs for bedrooms. You can explore your choices and find out the designs that work for you. 

Remember that the design you choose has a significant impact on the vibe of your bedroom. So take a look at all the options available at a store and pick a suitable one. 


The design of neon signs can be based on the theme you want to incorporate in your bedroom. Decide if you wish to choose a phrase, a word, or a shape. For example, the wedding decor calls for a particular type of neon sign like the bride and groom’s name or a welcoming sign for the guests. But when you are buying neon signs for bedrooms, the design options instantly explode. You can choose from a lot of options- it may be an inspiring phrase or a simple heart that brightens the environment. 

But before you finalize any design, consider if it would go with the rest of your bedroom decor or not. Do not choose a design that seems to be deliberately stuffed in the room. 

Choose the size

Neon signs can be designed in various sizes. But decide the size you prefer. Mind that size too small can look unclear if you are getting a phrase intended. Or a size too big may overburden the decor of the room. Decide on a balanced size that doesn’t look too small or too large. It should also be ideal for the phrase you are choosing. 

For example, if you are getting “you only live once” as the neon sign, a size too small may make it hard to read. 

It is better to measure the space where you want to put the sign and suggest the size to the retailer accordingly. 

Neon signs for bedrooms should not be too bright as you sleep in there. Choose a mild or soft color that soothes your eyes. A soft-colored sign can also work as a night light in your bedroom. Make your choice wisely and revamp your bedroom with this stunning decor trend. 

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