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Things To Know Prior To Buying Quartz Worktops

sid garg September 6, 2017

Quartz worktops and countertops are rapidly gaining popularity among the homeowners as well as the bathroom and kitchen designers. Quartz is available in a wide range textures, patterns and colors. Quartz worktops can be used for a number of options like kitchen countertops, worktops, tub decking, bath counters, shower entries and shower stalls.

Composition of Quartz Worktops

Polyester resin is used as a binder with ground quartz for the formation of the professional quartz surfaces. Quartz is anti-microbial and non-porous. As a result of that, it is resistant to bacterial growth, odours and stains. Quartz can be cut into tiles or can be installed as slabs.

The only drawback of quartz material is that it cannot be used outdoors as it is susceptible to fading by the direct rays of the sun. It cannot withstand exposure to natural elements and that is why it should not be bought for external usages.

Here are some tips to find the perfect quartz countertops for adorning your kitchen.

Go for the Right Shades –Manufacturers have significantly altered the looks of the quartz products over the years. You can choose from a plethora of shades in case of quartz worktops so that you can get the ideal one going with your kitchen ambience. Take for example the Cambria which comes in a host of colours and is one of the most elegant quartz stones that you will come across.

Textures are Vital – To suit your needs quartz is now available in a variety of textures too. Silestone quartz products can be mainly found in three main patterns like rugged, matte and polished. What’s more, you will also get granite-looking, veined and flecked patterns. Apart from that, you can also choose from the bright colours in the contemporary designs.

Choose the Right Patterns – Quartz also offers hosts of patterns so that you can get the ideal one for adorning your kitchen. You will get patterns matching black granite, cement and Calacatta marble. In fact, you will also get semiprecious surfaces of quartz that look like geodes.

Know the Edging – Edging is very vital as it affects pricing and you will get to know the style of the counter with the help of it. The standard edges are waterfall edges and are squared. Any quartz that is about one and one-fourth inches thick can be cut to have standard edges. Some other types include bullnose which has a rounded edge, beveled, pencil and ogee which has a curved edge. The laminated edging profiles add an additional layer of quartz to achieve an intense look.

Right Thickness is Necessary – It is vital that you check the thickness of quartz worktops as you will need it at the time of application. About one and one fourth inches is the standard thickness of a quartz slab. This is the thickness that is ideal for bathroom vanities as well as kitchen counters. If you want layered edging you can go for Cambria which happens to be 1 centimetres thick. You will find quartz in a variety of thickness like one and one-fourth inches, half inches and three-fourth inches thick.

Select Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances Prior to Choosing Your Surface of Quartz – Before installation, measurements will be taken where the quartz will be installed. That is why if you are doing a kitchen it is important that you select the appliances and the sinks. The fabricator has to know the number of holes and the dimensions for the installation. In case of a cooktop, a cut out will also be required.

The above are some the things that you must keep in mind at the time of installing quartz worktops direct in your kitchen.

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