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This Is How You Can Prevent Termites Entering Your House

Anil Singh November 19, 2021

Termites at your home can be a nightmare. It is very important to take care of this issue otherwise it can really harmful. You can obviously order a service from termites exterminator Bronx, regularly to keep them away. But, if you take the necessary steps beforehand, then you can save yourself from all the hassle. 

Detecting termites can be really tough. You will only know about them after you came across significant damage. Hence, it is very important to know the preventive measures to save yourself from huge trouble.  Want to know how to do it? You need to read the below tips and apply them. 

Keep Woods Away from the Soil 

Firstly, you need to keep the wooden furniture and other materials away from the soil. The wooden sidings should be above six inches from the soil. You can also use Borate to spray on the woods before painting them. The Borate acts as a termite repellent and helps keep the termites away. 

Furthermore, you can also keep a barrier between the wooden furniture. You can also put a concrete foundation to separate the soil and wood. 

Keep Away the Moisture 

Secondly, another major reason why termites attack is moisture. So, you need to control the moisture levels at your home if you live in a humid area. You can opt for a dehumidifier for your house to reduce the moisture.

 Along with that, during winters, you can switch to Air Conditioner to maintain the cool temperature. Thus, if you keep the moisture away, you can prevent termites from appearing. 

Seal the Gaps 

Gaps or cracks can occur over time. If any wooden part is damaged, fix it on time. Also, replace items such as pipes, and other gaps with suitable material such as concrete patching or cement. If you find larger gaps at your home, you can also use a mesh of stainless steel. 

Thus, you need to check the cracks at your home and notice if there are chances of termites appearing. You can also hire professionals such as Bed Bugs Removal Brooklyn to inspect your home. 

Keep Plant and termites Away During Swarming 

If you live in hot and humid weather, you need to keep plants away from your house. They attract lots of termites and insects that can harm your sleep. It is best to switch the outdoor lights off after sunset. Also, keep the lights away from any vents and windows as termites can enter from these areas.  

Hence, termites exterminator Bronx offers professional help to control termites and keep them away. Furthermore, if you want a full-proof solution, then you must order your service from Bed Bugs Removal Brooklyn and termites exterminator the Bronx. Their team of experts detects termites at your home. Also, they offer the best solutions to keep your home termite-free. You just need to call them up and book their services for pest control regularly. Hence, if you are renovating or moving to a new house, follow the above tips to keep termites away.


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