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Throw a Delightful Kid’s Spy Theme Party!

jessicajack August 11, 2021

A spy party is great for both boys and girls …

Send out spy party invitations with a poem:

“Detective, spy … Private detective

Can you find out the clue?

Mystery … come and see

A birthday party for … guess who? “

Spy Party Dress Code

Ask partygoers to dress in black and wear sunglasses.
Call everyone by their code number (use the last 4 digits of the child’s phone number)
Think of an organization name … “Robert International Spy School” (“RISS”)
“Robert Bureau of Investigation” (“RBI”) or the “R-7” (if Robbie turns 7)
Spy Party Invitations

Try writing the invitations backwards (read with a mirror)  kids coding languages.
The birthday boy could deliver the invitations door to door (ring the bell and then run and hide), so receiving the invitation is more mysterious.
Think of an organization name … “Robert International Spy School” (“RISS”) “Robert Bureau of Investigation” (“RBI”) or “R-7” (if Robbie is turning 7)
Spy Party Decorations

Add the outlines of the body with chalk on the outside (on the pavement / sidewalk) for an interesting touch
Stick maps and flags of different countries on the wall.
Print the “footprints” and stick them on the walls / ceiling with painter’s tape.
Pump prop

A “bomb” can be made with a piece of clay with old wires sticking out and pieces of metal glued to the clay, then put in a box, put a flashlight, a bicycle light, an egg timer … anything.
Make the goal of your scavenger hunt to find the secret instructions to “spread the bomb” (use an oven / alarm clock / ipod timer to count the time).
Believe it or not, the CIA has a page for kids on its website that has Games (!)

Spy academy

Put your guests through a series of “tests” to see if they are “spy material”
Physical tests (obstacle course a, relay races b, balance contests c …)
Fingerprint tests: One way to do this is to make a fingerprint on a smooth surface and then lightly brush the graphite powder (rub a pencil against sandpaper to create a little graphite powder). Then lift the print up with some masking tape and place the tape on a card stock.
Observational tests: show a set of objects … then cover them and remove an object, then have the “spies” find out which item was removed
Have a volunteer (parent / neighbor / friend) break into the room and “steal” something and ask the shocked children to try to give the correct eyewitness accounts (you could put them in 2 teams and the teams could fight)
Decoding games: try zooming in on pictures of objects printed on plain paper … or “eye bender” also write things in “code” and ask the children to translate them).
Treasure hunt

Hunts Are So Much Fun For The Kids – Find “Stolen” Loot / Cake / Piñata / Formula / Bomb Bags Spread Instructions
Make invisible ink (write lemon juice or milk, then warm the note and reveal by placing it on a warm toaster / candle … carefully)
Shuffle the letters (if the first and the last letter are not changed, it is quite easy to decipher … For example: if the fsrit and the last lteter cannot do it if it is and is not usnrcmalbe ..

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