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Tips for Dating Someone New

rakshita469 January 12, 2021

When you get into the right relationship, the Best tips for dating someone new can help you take the most accurate steps into securing a sweet and understanding romantic relationship.

Many of us end up flustered or overwhelmed because we are always conscious of not coming across as too needy or pushy. If only dating was easy and people were easy to judge, then things would fall into place. We may run to a friend every time we need some advice, but it’s not guaranteed that we end up getting the right advice. 

Hence, these dating bits of advice would be exactly what you might need for someone you have met online, known for a short time, or even just instantly clicked with at a ComicCon!

Everyone is unique, and however different you are from your recent flame, you can always click with them when you take the right decision. 

So today, we shall discuss a few simple tips which can have your new bond blooming like a summer flower in the sun:

Be Their Confidante and Listener

You can know someone best by listening to what they are talking about and how they speak. Moreover, their tone and that slight sparkle in the eyes can s

These are nifty little details that can help you see their real, raw personalities. 

Moreover, when they can be open with you, it can also help your partner find their comfort zones in your presence. And such a beautiful understanding can have you both attract each other mentally.

And Make Sure to Strike Some Conversations with Questions

When you ask your date what they like, or have a preference for, it can help them feel heard and understood. 

Moreover, if they are shy, then this would be a comfortable opener for them to ask back about your likings. 

For example, if you ask your lover about their favorite dessert flavor, they might ask back to know what you might. Doing so helps them break the ice of shyness and speak more freely with who they love. 

Discuss Your Dating Preference

While you might be comfortable with a monogamous bond, your partner might opt for a more open relationship. These are crucial details to stay aware of to make sure that both of you are comfortable in the relationship. 

Moreover, by knowing these beforehand, you can decide on whether you wish to emotionally invest in the relationship, or opt for someone whose alignments are similar to yours. That way, you save on your energy and time and save yourself from the drama later that is bound to unfold. 

When you discuss your dating preference, it not only helps to form a functional bond but also creates a fortified understanding between the two of you.

Find Our Their Love Language

Traditionally, 5 love languages can help your lover feel comfortable and at home in your presence. 

And they are:

  • Gifting: If your partner loves little gifts, you can always get them nifty favorite things or even some handmade gifts. These can surely make them feel special. 
  • Loving Words and Encouragement: Little statements of encouragement and love can make you both feel happy and noticed by who you adore the most. Moreover, the simple “good morning, beautiful” is sure to get them feeling warm and fuzzy inside. 
  • Helping Out in Need: When you carry their extra packets or help by bringing a chair to sit, these are simple acts of kindness that can portray your love and respect for your lover. 
  • Touch: For some, physical touches from hugs, nose pinches, or even cheek kisses can bring them a warm and inviting comfort zone. Intimacy in a good relationship can help sync your mind, bodies, and hearts into a beautiful bond. 
  • Time Together: While lovers feel comfortable by themselves, some partners love frequent company. Hence, for these partners, you can call them over to your place, watch a movie together, visit a new spot, and more! By doing so, you both can bond while submerged in an enjoyable activity. 


With these tips for dating someone new, you surely make your partner feel special, loved, and appreciated for being an integral part of your life.

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