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Tips to choose wedding lighting to enhance the hall décor.

aaronwhite July 13, 2021

Wedding hall décor is the first most thing that the guest notices on the wedding occasion. Wedding is the most special occasion that is expensive but very enjoyable.  The interior décor of the hall plays a crucial role in representing the wedding hall.  It’s not necessary to spend more money on the decoration of the wedding hall, it can also be decorated luxuriously with cost-effective ideas such as using eco-friendly LED lights. There are many wedding planners and event Management Company that uses eco-friendly items for decoration that looks unique and aesthetic. Take advice from professional event planning companies to know about the various types of Wedding Hall in Mumbai under the budget.

It’s obvious that one might be confused while choosing the best lighting during the decoration of the wedding hall as it includes different lightings in various areas including outdoor

Have you heard about GOBO lighting?

Gobo is generally a glass template that is inserted inside the lighting fixture to get the amazing projected image. It comes in two types that are glass and steel.  Glass GOBO lighting is most expensive as compared to steel because glass produces a higher quality image.

Applications of GOBO lights:

1)    It is widely used at the hotel entrance and on many occasions to view the projected logos.

2)    It is also used at big shops for the branding using projection of images on the wall.

3)    It is used to create a pictorial representation on the floor and ceilings with amazing lighting choices.

4)    It is used to create a stunning monogram names of bride and groom on the entrance and dance floor to make the wedding rocking.

Nowadays, the majority of families choose gobo lighting to have the wedding luxuriously at the entrance, stage, and dance floor and at various areas of wedding halls.

Wired and wireless LED lightings

LED lightings are popular for energy-efficient and provide better quality lights. Wireless LED generally runs on power and its power lasts up to 5 to 8 hours. So, as compared to wireless LEDs, wired LEDs are more effective in terms of power and cost. It provides ambient lighting constantly without degrading the quality.

Wash and beam lights.

You might have seen in the market the lights in a straight column that is popularly known as beam lights and the lights that are spread across the areas are called wash. They are basically types of LED but with other shapes and sizes. You can ask the vendor about the various types of wash and beam lightings according to the occasion preference.

Waterproof lighting:

Waterproof lighting can be best if the weather doesn’t cooperate with the wedding season.


Nowadays many grand wedding uses RGB and broad colour spectrum to have a movie like a wedding.  There are a wide variety of options in colour and the lighting results are astonishing.

Bistro lightings.

Bistro lightings refer to the hanging light bulbs with strings of miniatures. Make sure it is done by professional experts to prevent safety hazards.


hope you found the above information about lighting useful and helped you to choose the Wedding Banquet Halls in Mumbai according to your needs and budget. Share your lighting ideas in the comment section. 

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