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Tips to Remodeling Your House to a Luxury Modern Design

GraceWilson March 22, 2022

Our living spaces are an important part of our life. If you feel like yours needs improvement, investing in some changes is more than just a question of aesthetics. It’s an investment in your lifestyle. You can add a touch of luxury to your space with or without remodeling. Even little upgrades can make a large impact on how you feel about your home. Here are a couple of ideas you can choose from according to your taste and budget.

Less is more

Adding a more upscale, modern touch to your home may be as easy as getting rid of a few unnecessary items. Clutter is not attractive, so limiting the number of things on display can truly improve the look of a space. That doesn’t mean you have to put away everything, but if your shelves look like a storage shed, there is room for improvement. Pick items carefully and style them for a magazine-like look. Remember that minimalism is in and less is more.

The floors speak volumes

If your floors don’t exactly scream luxury, doing something about them can make a large impact on the overall result. If you’re ready for a remodel, installing a new floor is what will elevate the space the most effectively. Vinyl planks that imitate the appearance of the wood are a great choice since they are durable, water-resistant, and very easy to maintain. If you cannot change the floors, you can turn to cute rugs that will not only hide what you don’t like but will also bring some cozy texture to the space. Bring your living room together with an area rug underneath the seating or create a reading nook with a fluffy faux fur rug.

Greenery for an upscale look

You might have already heard how much plants can boost the look of any indoor space, but you might have brushed it off. You shouldn’t underestimate their transforming power, though. A clean, bright, modern room can look dull and cold without the life greenery adds to the space. Large, impressive tropical plants will elevate your space and give it an expensive look. A bouquet of fresh flowers makes your space inviting and well looked after. Switching the flowers up every week will also allow you to keep your interior looking fresh.

Rethink the kitchen

One of the rooms everyone agrees is worth spending on is the kitchen. This is one of the most heavily used spaces of the home, and it can become the social hub of your family with some clever upgrades. Consider an open design and merge this space with the living room. Without the walls, preparing food will not be isolating but it can become a much more social activity. If you have the space, consider installing a kitchen island. With a useful breakfast bar, it can become the meeting space of your family every morning. It will also boost counter space, allowing for more comfortable food preparation.

Spend on your bed

Another room where you don’t want to be frugal is the bedroom. Having a space that allows for rest and relaxation in the best way possible is something that all of us deserve. So, make sure the space will prepare you for a good night’s sleep: dim the lights with dimmer switches, get thick drapes so the sunlight doesn’t wake you, and introduce soft textures. Splurge on your bed: a good mattress fitted with high-quality bedding like mattress protectors, and pillowcases made of the finest materials will make you feel like you’re falling asleep in a 5-star hotel.

Improve the bathroom experience

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is another great candidate for luxury upgrades. You use this space all the time, so bathroom upgrades are essentially life quality upgrades, and those are always worth spending on. See what you dislike in your current setup and start there. Are the shower curtains ugly and driving you mad? Maybe it’s time to install a glass cabin. Is the lighting less than ideal? Adding task lights so you’re not stumbling in the dark is a smart update. Do you want some extra comfort that will change your life? Browse bidet toilet seat reviews and others’ experiences will convince you that this is a feature that you need.

Match the hardware

When your cabinetry starts looking boring, you might consider swapping it. However, before you do that, consider whether just switching the hardware could achieve a similar result at a much lower price. New knobs and handles can truly elevate old cabinetry and make it look new. It’s also a great option if you want to swap the fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom since it allows you to keep the design matching and consistent. Chrome is not the only finish option nowadays. Warm copper shades, dark bronze, or sleek black might all complement your space and give it a modern, luxury feel. Go for a brushed finish and you won’t have to worry about ugly fingerprints. 

Hang wall art

Finally, it is often said that an interior space is never finished until it has art in it. Bare walls can indeed come to life thanks to a well-chosen piece. Pick an art print that will seamlessly fit into the color scheme of your room and make it a focal point. Consider the appropriate size for it to fill the space. You can even combine several artworks and create a unique gallery wall that will scream sophistication. You can play around with frames to add more interest to a minimalist space. Use your creativity and let the result speak of your taste.

Freshening up our interiors from time to time is important so that we feel content about our living spaces. Some upgrades will impact your lifestyle, too, so they are worth giving a try.

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