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Top 10 Important tips for the safe transportation of your vehicle

carbikemoversindia April 30, 2021

Everybody knows how complex the process of moving is. Whether it’s your home or car, you need to pay extra attention to the whole process. When you are planning for vehicle relocation, the first is to find the best vehicle relocation services in India. Only then you can get your vehicle delivered without any issues.

So, if you are thinking of vehicle relocation, use the below tips. It will help you and your vehicle to have a safe relocation process.

Hire professionals

The safety of your vehicle during transport is largely dependent on the professionalism of the company. Whether you are moving your car or bike, make sure to find the right vehicle relocation company in India. For this, do online research and read reviews.

Prepare your vehicle for the big day

Before you hand over the vehicle, make sure that it is clean. This will help you to detect any dents or scratches when your car arrives at the destination. Also, make sure to remove any extra accessories or other things from the vehicle. Otherwise, they can face damages.


Whether it’s bike or Car relocation in India, the total cost will include both packing and moving costs. So, don’t get tempted to pick the cheapest offer available. Just pay attention to the company’s service quality that is present within your budget.

Collect online free quotations

Once you fix the moving day, start collecting quotes. Using the internet, it is easy to get free non-obligatory quotes from different companies. After you collect a lot of quotes, start comparing them. But don’t pick the cheapest one. Rather try to find the one that has value for your money.


As you know, accidents can occur anywhere anytime. And when you avail insurance from the vehicle insurance company, you can save yourself from financial loss. So, don’t neglect this as an extra expense.

Almost empty fuel tank

When you plan for a car transport in India, make sure to keep your fuel tank almost empty. For the relocation process, you can fill 1/4th of the fuel tank with fuel. But don’t exceed it. Otherwise, it can pose a safety hazard.

Check for leakage

Before you give your vehicle to the company for relocation, make sure to check if there are any leaks. Otherwise, the company can refuse to offer their services. If possible, ask a mechanic to do a thorough check on your vehicle before the big moving day.

Check tire pressure

While you check for leaks, don’t forget about the tire pressure. Deflated or over-inflated tires can affect the moving process and your vehicle. Rather than facing unnecessary problems, it is best to check the tire pressure before transporting them.

Lock your vehicle

Make sure that the locks are in proper condition. Since vehicle movers will move your vehicle using carriers, there is no necessity for unlocking it.

Choose off-season for your move

Choosing a time when its peak season can increase the total cost of the move. So, try to pick off-season for your vehicle move. Generally, the summer season is the busiest time for vehicle transporters. On the other hand, the start and end of the year are not so busy for these companies. If you want to reduce the moving cost, moving during the off-season is your best bet.

The bottom line

There is no doubt that hiring the best vehicle transportation services is the right way to relocate your vehicle. Just follow the above tips for the safe relocation of your vehicle without any hassle.

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