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Top 10 Most Powerful Electric Motorcycles That You Should Buy in 2021

garagebuildingsva May 28, 2021

Electric vehicles are the future of automobile technology. Perhaps the rising prices of fuel are the reason or maybe it is about saving the environment from the pollution caused due to diesel and petrol vehicles. Motorbikes are no exception. Many companies have launched the electric version of vehicles and bikes. The legendary Harley Davidson is also a part of this revolution. Electric motorcycles are equally stunning in performance and speed. And the vest part is, you don’t need to change the oil and get it fuelled time and again.

 If you too are looking for some great options in electric motorbikes, then we have done the work for you, listing the top 10 best electric motorbikes that you can keep in making your wishlist.

Harley Davidson Live Wire

Harley Davidson is perhaps the most popular and well-known brand in the world of Bikes. It is for sure known to even those who keep no interest in the bikes. Its Live wire bike is powered by batteries that demand the least physical effort to EV pull it. The suspension and shocks are amazing. The rate of acceleration is up to 60 mph.

Zero SR/F

It is one of the leading pieces of EV motorcycles. It gives the acceleration of more than 60 Mph in time less than 3 seconds. Its style is impressive.

Arc Vector

It can be said to be the best piece of automobile technology. It has the specialty of variable power modes and cruise control that gives you amazing control on the road. The accessories along also contained the same brand label.

Lightning LS-218

It is the fastest bike on our entire list. It has the high-grade motor that gives you the feeling of having wings. The intention of the makers is to load with the highest speed and make it the speediest. Not only in speed, but it also performs well in terms of power and durability.

Energica Eva Ribelle

If you are looking for a style statement bike, go for Energica Eva Ribelle. It is super impressive and stylish. It gives you the range of 249 miles or 400 Km. What is so amazing about Eva Ribelle is that it charges 80% in just half an hour.

Gogoro Smartscooter 2

HTC, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. They owns its subsidiary Gogoro. The same attention to detail and high-quality engineering processes. They made HTC phones world famous can also be found on their electric motorbikes. Including the S2 Adventure Smart Motorbike. Gogoro takes its best-selling S2 standard with this bike and reproduces the best features of its favorite model. This time, more features have been added to make the Smartscooter S2 Adventure the perfect bike for any terrain.

It looks like a scooter but is a bike. This runs like butter on any type of terrain and gives you the best of your journey always. It gives you the speed of 28 Mph or 45 Kph. It takes around 150 Minutes to charge it’s entire battery.

The electric motor works great in wet or muddy conditions. It comes with a waterproof case for remote storage and maintenance. They even have a fingerprint certification. If you are looking for an ongoing assistant for your off-road investigation. The Smartscooter S2 Adventure is for exciting your people and riders.

Damon Hypersport Pro

It is one of the beautiful and eye-catching pieces of technology in the world of automobiles. What makes it different from other similar bikes is its co-pilot safety system. It is usually known for its wide range.  The Damon HyperSprot Premier 2021 has a top speed of 200 mph with 200 hp power. This bike is coming in the range of 200 miles. On the highway and in the city. 2021 Damon HyperSport Premier milage should go substantially. It releases soon with the best features of electric sports bike.

WK E Colt

It beats sustainability. It is designed to make your life easy and at the same time fast also. With its 28 Mph, it is a nice electric bike for all your commuting whether in towns.

Lightning Strike

You have a good choice at a very competitive initial price tag if you go with the Lightning strike. It has high aerodynamic efficiency. Now the 2021 Lightning Strike Carbon Edition has a top speed of 150 mph with 120 hp@1500 RPM. This bike is coming in the range of 200 miles. In the city, it has 100 miles, and on the highway, it has 152 miles. The charging time is 35 mins minimum. As per the CEO of Carbon, Mr. Richard Hatfield, it is delivered to their customers as promised, albeit a little later than first promised.


It is a futuristic electric motorbike that give you the comfort, performance, speed, and power all in one. The aesthetic elements are designed to enrich your social standards. In terms of speed also it is not less than in any way. It offers a speed of 90 mph or 145 kph.

Despite all its features, Tarform doesn’t look too complicated or flashy. It has an elegant look and aesthetic elements like leather seats and bronze rings around the dashboard.

For our part, we’re interested in AI programming for bikes. The transform is for the perfect design. So that it is aware of its surroundings and gives the driver an almost omniscient picture of the impending obstacle or danger in real-time. Motorbikes communicate with riders using tactile signals. Giving motorcyclists the information. They need to protect themselves in a very intuitive way.

2021 Energica EVA EsseEsse9

2021 Energica EVA EsseEsse9+ has a top speed of 124 mph with 109bph power. 148lb-ft Torque. This bike is coming in the range of 250 miles. In the city area range is 112 miles, on the highway 143miles. Energica EVA EsseEsse9 is an 80% SoC charge in 40 mins (Direct Current fast charge with Mode 4). This electric superbike comes at 21,350 USD.

Need to know if you have or planning to buy Electric sports bikes

Think About Your Electric Bike Protection

Park in an area with good visibility at night, preferably directly under a streetlight. Thieves do not like to be the center of attention during their activities, and the presence of an ample light on them at work is a strong deterrent.

The jury still doesn’t know whether it is better to park the bike near pedestrian traffic. Unfortunately, many experiments show that almost nothing will stop a bicycle thief when a motorcycle is stolen, at least in the US. Research shows that fear of confrontation leads most people to ignore bicycle thieves at work or drop by to avoid contact. This means that placing your e-bike near an area with heavy foot traffic doesn’t deter thieves from stealing it.

Suppose you want to protect your e-bike from theft and harsh weather? You can plan garages and carports in your backyard or just near your home. These are prefab metal building kits, provide you the extra storage opportunity. The enclosed metal garages make your e-bike more theft-resistant. You can park your bike in the metal carports as well.

If you place your e-bike in a high-traffic area, it will be more visible and offer more opportunities for thieves to see it as a target. So, parking in a back alley means less chance for a thief to find out your bike. But they have guaranteed less opportunity for someone to take on a bike thief in action if they find him.

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