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Top 3 Lamination Types That Perfect For Truffle Boxes

haroldhary May 17, 2021

It’s a wedding celebration or a birthday bash. These events are incomplete without truffles. It adds memory to the special events and this kind of sweets refers to the type of chocolate consist of chocolate ganache with toasted nuts and cocoa powder. You find them in a curved, spherical, or conical shape. For this mouthwatering and unique sweet, you need something exclusive for its packaging. So the bespoke custom truffle boxes make your delights stand out amongst others in the sector. So it is best to look for ways that add a wow factor to the standard package. 

Lamination For Your Truffle Packaging

You must have heard various kinds of coating are accessible in the sector, but not all of them are best for chocolate cases. You must need to have the complete info about these kinds of layers because:

  •  It secures the product 
  •  makes it lovely and charming

The printing sector and folding carton have many picks for lamination and coating. These coating and layering help your items shine out amongst others in the unit by offering a unique look, make them elegant and durable. In this blog, you will find out all about the lamination ad what picks are achievable to make your truffle box looks lovely and unique. So get ready and dive into the detail.

What is Lamination?

The wait is over now. Get ready to find out about these exclusive coating of your cohobate cases. If you talk about the print sector, it refers to bonding the clear plastic layer onto the surfaces. Makers films the entire box what these layers because it keeps the package from the following factors that we will learn in other section:

  • stains
  • tears
  • wrinkles
  • moisture
  • smudge
  • others

Its benefits do not end here. It also secures the printing on the boxes and makes them rigid and sturdy.

Is It The Best Finish For The Cardboard Boxes?

It is the million-dollar question that most of you are thinking of. It is because of who do not like to make the boxes look lovely and appealing. Do you know amongst all other finishes it is the best to pick it for the paperboard packaging? But sometimes it may be a little bit costly because other choices are affordable. The qeusti9on here is what makes it pricy? it because of its protective features like:

  • offer resistance to moisture

If the retailer keeps your items in storage, don’t forget to get the suitable coating for boxes. It became keeps the dust and humidity away from the product! Another benefit of this type of layering is their artwork output. Let us take the example of Holt Renfrew or Sephora. When you see the matt box of these brands, it looks appealing and makes you buy these products. So the chances are high these brands use the right type or quality lamination for their boxes. So same is the case with truffle boxes because you need to choose the proper layering that makes your product look lovely.

Do you want to add a luxurious touch to the chocolate? If yes, then do not ignore the value of lamination, and you can get that goal by using matt coating. You can also use the gloss one to offer a striking and vibrant look.

The Best Lamination For Truffles Boxes

Now you have enough info about this lamination and what benefits it offers to your items and packing. You can find various kinds of lying for your truffle packaging, but here is the top 3. Following are the most famous one that is best for the chocolate cases:

  • matte
  • gloss
  • soft-touch or silk 

Gloss layering is the most common one. It offers the following finishes to the boxes and boosts the color of the cases:

  • lustrous
  • clear

For the following luxurious items, brands go for the matt finishes:

  • makeup
  • skincare 
  • truffle
  • perfume
  • others

This kind of layering offers an elegant and minimalist look to your boxes.

Do you like to have the valet finish along with all benefits of the matt layering? If yes, then go for the soft-touch laminating because it offers a brushed-hand feel.

So get ready to find out more about these types of laminations.

  1. Matt Lamination:

So get ready to find out about the matt layering for your chocolate cases. It is the acting that offers you delighted a mature and elegant look. It is the reason many truffle brands go after this kind of coating. If you compare it with gloss layering, it gives a more natural look. This matt coating gives it a softer appearance, and it offers less contrast on deeper or darker colors. This kind of lamination gives a tactile and subtle effect that oozes top-notch quality. It is best for the product where first impact and images mean everything.

  1. Gloss:

Now lets us move towards the second most famous layering type for your truffle box that is glossing. As the name shows, it adds the following feature and boost the vibrancy and colors of the image on the box:

  • glass
  • shinny

Commonly brands use it fit for branding and marketing pieces because it makes the item look unique from others. This type of layering is best for Christmas truffle boxes. These gloss layerings offer the top level of shield against the external factor then matt finish. 

  1. Soft Touch Lamination:

So now, let us talk about soft-touch layering. It is one of the most famous kinds of packaging and printing secure. All is because it improves the overall look of the box. When you apply these finishes, it offers soft to touch texture that is velvety.

This kind of fishes offers the best resistance to scratches and scuffs, which makes soft-touch shipping-friendly. The best part is that it changes the color with time which shows you have kept the time in storage for a longer time.

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