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Top 3 Tractor Modal in India for Farming

samadhiyaaman October 14, 2020

Swaraj 735 a most Prominent Tractor Model

Swaraj Tractor is a leading manufacturer & provider of venerable farm mechanization solutions. Swaraj offers different tractor modes for various agricultural operations. The tractor range starts from 15 Hp to 75 Hp. These tractor models come with many unique features. One of the best-manufactured tractor models of Swaraj is Swaraj 735 FE. Swaraj 735 tractor price in India is Rs. 5.50 – 5.85 Lac*

Swaraj 735 FE

Swaraj 735 is the perfect tractor in the 40 hp range. This ultimate Swaraj tractor model comes with a massive fuel tank and 1000 Kg lifting capacity, which is the best option for all farmers. This Swaraj tractor model provides a Dual clutch for smooth and easy functioning. The steering type of Swaraj 735 is both Mechanical / Power Steering for easy control and fast response. Swaraj 735 tractor is the best farming machine for farmers and other operators. 

On road price of Swaraj 735 FE tractor in India is more modest for all small and marginal farmers.

Swaraj 742 – Tractor with inherent Qualities

Swaraj tractor is India’s leading tractor brand and largest exporter. They believe in working beyond Agricultural mechanization, which can influence lives and bring farm victory. It manufactured many tractor models and Swaraj 742 FE is one of its most successful tractors in India. Swaraj 742 tractor model is widely used among the farmers for its extreme performance and qualities.  

Swaraj has a wide range of tractor models starting from 15 hp to 75 hp. These tractor models are manufactured according to the Indian farmer’s needs. Swaraj tractor price is Rs. 2.60 – 8.40 Lakh*. 

Swaraj 742 FE

Swaraj 742 tractor is a 42 Hp tractor, and it is a popular tractor model in the 42 hp range with three – cylinders. It comes with a powerful engine that generates 2000 engine rated RPM. Oil-immersed brakes are available in this great tractor to protect the user from accidents. Swaraj 742 tractor price is Rs. 5.75-6.00 Lakh*.

On road price of Swaraj 742 tractor is different in distinct states of India.

Swaraj 717 Tractor – Indian Farmers Choice

Swaraj 717 is one of the most reliable and fittest tractor models for Indian farmers. This tractor brand is well known for its farming machinery and prominent tractor provider. Swaraj always constructs their tractor model with the most beneficial tools and features. Swaraj 717 consists of all the venerable advanced qualities. It is a tractor model that is accurate for modern farming and new generation farmers. Swaraj 717 tractor is the perfect and valuable tractor model. 

Why Swaraj 717 tractor is Fittest for Farmers

Swaraj 717 tractor is a 15 Hp tractor and this model of Swaraj is very affordable and budget-friendly for farmers of India. If you want an advanced farming tractor, Swaraj 717 is best for you at a reasonable price. Swaraj 717 price in India is more affordable for farmers. On road price of Swaraj 717 tractor is cost-effective for all small and marginal farmers. Swaraj 717 tractor price is Rs. 2.60-2.85Lakh*. This model is manufactured with 780 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity. 

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