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Top 5 Characteristics of the Best Weed

hayleysnook September 6, 2021

Weed is quite a popular and common term when it comes to smoking, and is one of the top choices of many smokers around the world. Due to its relaxing and soothing properties, most of the people use it to get relief from pain, anxiety and any sort of depression.


When it comes to selection of good weed from cannabis dispensary Toronto, here are mentioned some of the factors you should consider.


Premium quality weed has a pleasant smell and emits strong fragrance, commonly referred to as dank or loud odor. Cannabis normally emits different types of odors, each having a particular aroma and name. What is common among all smells is the pleasant and distinct nature of each smell. The better the smell, the more exciting is the smoking experience going to be.


You can judge the quality of the weed simply from its outer look. The healthier and fresher is look, the better is its quality. All the cannabis is normally visually attracting, with vibrant colors and hues. Normally, the best among them are the ones having orangish-red hairs, with a dark green contrast. You can also witness bright blue and dark purple color as there is a lot of variety.


Another factor that adds to the visual factor of a good weed is the presence of trichomes in it. These are small crystal-like appearances on the surface of the plant, responsible for its overall color, smell and flavor. The more is the number of crystals that you can see from the naked eye, the more relaxing and exciting your experience is going to be. These trichomes can also be seen using a magnifying glass.


When you hold a premium quality weed, it should feel like a bit spongy, and sticky enough to be gently pressed between your fingers. The buds of the flower should be easy to break, and the stem should snap conveniently. It should not be overall completely dry as in that case it would completely crumble away when you touch it. In the same manner, it should not be too wet or sticky to melt away in your hands, rather it should have a medium texture.


The weed flower should be experiencedly cultivated. It should be fluffy and light to hold. The indicas of the flower should be tight and the overall structure of the flower should e denser. The structure of the flower does not have to do much with the overall experience you are going to witness, stull the structure is a sign of how well it is cultivated and if any of the plant growth stimulators are used in it, you are going to experience and unwanted odor. In the same manner, if the flower is too much fluffy in structure, that means it was not grown under the right light conditions and was not cultivated in the right manner.


Along with the above-mentioned characteristics of Toronto cannabis dispensary, you also need to consider the ethical cultivation and diverse chemistry of the flower. The cultivation should be carried out without the use of any of the synthetic fertilizers and should make use of living soil and sustainable agriculture conditions and practices. There are many cannabis Toronto dispensary offering the most ethical, premium weed.

Similarly, in all cannabinoid products, the diverse chemistry and profile of the plant is always required. It is recommended to check if the product is licensed and verified or not, before purchasing. You should also check out the list of cannabinoids in each product to ensure the reaction it is going to cast on your body.

You should be fully aware of the qualities of a bad weed, its unwanted and quirky odor, discolored look, dry and brittle nature, and inferior-looking flowers. The look of a low quality weed can easily be detected from a naked eye and you can easily judge it, going through the mentioned characteristics.

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