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Top 5 Construction Machinery Manufacturers in the World

alicebarianna April 10, 2021

Hundreds of construction companies in the USA manufactures and supplies construction supplies. On average, $2 Trillion is being generated by the construction industry in 2019. In the USA, most construction workers are born between 1960–1979.  In this blog, we will discuss some of the major heavy construction machinery manufacturers. Most common heavy machinery types include Crane, Telescopic Handlers, Motor Grader, bulldozers, excavators, Loader & Backhoe, Dump Trucks, Trencher, Loader, and others. Their spare parts are also manufactured and supplied at high volume including graphite tubes, graphite heating products, small graphite crucible, steel gears, heavy-duty engine parts, etc.

Caterpillar Inc.

An American heavy machinery manufacturer and supplier, Caterpillar Inc. designs, develops, creates, and sells heavy machinery, engines, and financial products. It is listed in Forbes 500 companies list and entitles the largest heavy machinery manufacturers in the US.

According to the financial report by the company in 2017, its yearly revenue reaches $54.7 billion. Taking 1st position in the largest machinery manufacturer including mining equipment, diesel, and natural gas stations and engines, turbines, and electric locomotives.

Caterpillar Inc. is advancing in much heavy industrial equipment, developing the world’s largest and heftiest types of machinery.

J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited:

Ranked among the world’s top manufactures of heavy-duty construction machinery, JCB is an international company with over 14000 employees in 4 various continents. This amazing company produces over 300 types of construction machines and industrial machinery. Diggers, custom graphite molds, diesel engines, excavators, and tractors are manufactured at the JCB facilities. These high-quality and heavy machinery sold in 150 countries. Total revenue of $4.24 billion is calculated by the sources in 2018, as it is one of the top industrial machinery suppliers to provide various machines. Construction, logistics, waste, recycling plants, and agriculture fields use this heavy machinery and equipment. 

MS Graphite Molds:

Mishan Graphite Jip Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of graphite products, based in china currently. Main products include graphite molds, high-quality graphite crucibles, top-rated graphite plates, steel industry graphite products, graphite rings, heat resistance and bearing spare parts, and graphite heating elements. Producing and delivering these high-quality parts throughout the world, MS graphite molds are working in the wholesale market for more than 25 years.  Generating a revenue of more than $250 Million in the wholesale and retail market and with over 120 branches worldwide, MS graphite molds holds a high rank in manufacturing top-notch heavy-duty equipment for various industries.

Hitachi Construction:

Hitachi Construction is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers based in Japan. It is widely known as the first-class company for both small and large scale businesses for a range of machinery parts.

From hydraulic excavators to cranes, crawlers, and wheel loaders, Hitachi construction company buckles up for much other heavy-duty equipment. Taking over the wholesale market of Japan and now covering most of the Asian and European markets, Hitachi construction is progressing fast.

Deere & Company

A leading American industrial company, Deere & Company is located in Moline, Illinois USA, manufacturing heavy equipment and machinery for construction, lawn care equipment, agriculture, and diesel engines. Deere was also ranked and published in Forbes 500 companies list and sells its high-quality parts all over the world.

This article is based on the stats and figures published on various websites. If you are looking for any types of heavy-duty equipment and construction types of machinery, you are welcome to check the company’s websites at once. Let us know if you like the article.

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