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Top 5 Easy Grooming Tips for Grooms for Their Wedding Day

praveen January 21, 2019

Grooms must look and feel their best on their wedding day. Nothing should be leave to chance as wedding is a special occasion meant to be celebrated with passion. The preparation for grooming has be started well in advance so that the day does not cause panic in any sense.

From the dressing to hair, shaving to facial hair, fragrance to creams, all must be chalked out well in advance, and even tried once before, so that the combination comes right on the wedding day. Grooms too much get all their styling and primping needs sorted out so that they are ready to hog the limelight when it matters the most.

If any doubt, it’s always better to consult an expert or stylist or designer to feel confident and approach the wedding day with fervour and vigour.

Here are some of easy and simple grooming tips for grooms on their wedding day –

1. Get a classic haircut style – Should grooms go with a trendy haircut or stick with the classic style? Well, they should choose whatever makes them look good and comfortable. Trendy haircuts may fade away, but classical ones stay for longer. Plus, a classic style suits most grooms most of the time as it’s not fashionable and robs well on the personality. So, have the hair classically styled with a neat part and if possible, get the cut a few days before the wedding day to give the hair to settle down quickly. Avoid hair cut just a day prior or many days prior to the wedding day else you may get the best look possible.

2. Have clean shave – Grooms should go for clean shave for their wedding day. When the face is clean shaven, it gives an impression of neatness and beauty. It’s always suggested to get the shaving done at a saloon to avoid any cut, marks or itches that a shave can give when down on own. Plus, make sure you get shave a day before the wedding to avoid the irritation or itching. A professional barber of stylist can do the job better and it will also keep you relaxed to focus on better and bigger things. Plus, the barber can shave immaculately to minimize any chances of cut or marks on the face.

3. Choose tailored clothes over readymade ones – Half the grooming battle is won when you get the clothing right. This is something you should devote a good time on for right fitting clothes can bring the best out of your on the wedding day. You should prefer tailored clothes over readymade types for getting a perfect fitting matching with the body curves and fittings. Plus, light weighted clothes are always better as they keep your comfortable and relaxed all trough irrespective of the weather or temperature. And yes, make sure the attire is properly attired, the tie doubled knotted, the shoe polished to glitter and socks matching with the colour of the suit.

4. Have sparkling teeth for a great smile – Weddings are synonymous with smiling faces. And a smile is only perfect when your teeth are sparkling white and bright. Such teeth won’t happen overnight as it requires oral hygiene over time. And if your teeth look dull with a tinge of yellow, it’s always better to go for teeth whitening. Not many people take their teeth seriously which is a mistake given how guests care all this very much. Plus, there will be lots of pictures clicked and bad or stained teeth can rue for a lifetime. So, consult a dentist a few days before the wedding and get the whitening done.

5. Keep the skin glowing – Your skin must be free of acne and blemishes on the wedding day. The preparation should start months in advance for skin to look glowing and charming which is only possible with right diet and happy lifestyles. You should eat water-rich fruits and vitamins to make the skin glow naturally over time. You can drink plenty of water as it also gives the skin glow. If your skin is charming and glowing, you can approach the wedding or any party by an event management agency with much-needed confidence.

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