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Top 5 Network Monitoring Tools and Software Of 2021

rebeccarogers11 May 20, 2021


 As the world is now undergoing a total digital transformation, network monitoring tools and software have now become more than just plannings on the Board. With the rapid increase in Software dependencies and digital infrastructures, New software, tools, and IT monitoring technologies are getting rolled out in the market. To find much more software, refer to this post by TechyHost. With so many solutions out there, we have gone through as many as we could, thus coming up with the Top 5 Best Network Monitoring Tools & Software of 2021 to meet all your needs. So without any further delay, let’s get to the Board!

1. NetCrunch 

If you need a system to monitor all your IT environments at one go, then NetCrunch could become the best choice for you. Netcrunch is one of the most cost-effective solutions to maintain all your network capabilities while offering you a real-time update on your network performance. 

Moreover, with its Automated Corrective Actions, you can automate tasks and save your valuable time to work on other tasks. You can run scripts, restart services, or reboot devices automatically without worrying about it, and if that doesn’t work, you will be notified to check it yourself. 

NetCrunch offers you comprehensive support from SNMP to SNMPv3, so you won’t need multiple products to monitor multiple devices. With a MIB compiler and thousands of pre-compiled MIBs, you can manage even the lesser-known or custom made devices. With OpenManage and External Events, you can feed data into NetCrunch and manage it in whatever way you need. 

If you don’t feel satisfied with features on paper, you can get a 30-day free trial to take a good on all of its additional features to decide for yourself. 

Key features:- 

1. Database monitoring

2. Real-Time Monitoring

3. Intuitive User Interface

4. Diagnostic tools

5. Alerts and Message

2. Obkio

Obkio is another network monitoring tool that has gained a lot of trust in the market. With its great understandable graphical interface, you can get an easy overview of your network stats. It may be a bit of pricing, but with its multiple helpful features still getting updated, it makes it worth the price. 

Obkio is well known for its quick deployment, and it’s troubleshooting feature. Obkio analyzes the performance data with historical data and notifies you in case of any noticeable change. With its detailed data representation, you can troubleshoot the network issue more precisely, saving you much time and effort. With its effective alert alerts, you can fix issues before the performance gets too degraded, thus maintaining good health. 

Moreover, Obkio provides a real-time network update every 500ms and integrates easily on devices to offer an End-User quality Experience. With their Public Network Agents deployed at major cloud providers, like Google, Azure, and AWS, they help users monitor network performance between their standard Monitoring Agents, in locations like their headquarters, remote offices, home offices, data centers, and more, and Public Monitoring Agents located within a third-party infrastructure.

Obkio offers a 14-day trial so that you can try its various useful features yourself without paying.

Key features:- 

  1. Deploys in minutes
  2. Updates automatically
  3. Public Network Agents Directory
  4. Detect connectivity failure in 5 seconds and network performance issues within 60 seconds.
  5. Simulate end-user perspective

3. Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack is a product of SolarWinds that offers you a comprehensive network bandwidth analysis and performance monitoring, which helps you to monitor performance with tracking response time, availability, switches, and more. 

With this tool, you can track response time, switches, Uptime of routers, and other SNMP-enabled devices. With this tool, you can monitor which application uses the most bandwidth, and you can also create Heatmaps of Wifi-networks to discover wifi-Dead spots. 

This product of SolarWinds is highly customizable to adapt to your needs, and you can drag and drop performance metrics on a timeline to suit yourself. The most amazing thing about Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack is that it provides a piece of detailed information on data flow to understand potential throughput, packet loss, and bandwidth issues. 

Key features:- 

  1. Find applications using the most bandwidth.
  2. Customizable Interface.
  3. Helps to monitor the flow of network
  4. Detect, Diagnose, and resolve network performance issues.
  5. Detailed information on data flow to track packet-loss.

4) Network Configuration Manager

Network Configuration Manager is another tool from SolarWinds that lets you manage networks with automated network configuration management and backup. This tool provides you integration with the network performance monitor. 

With the Vulnerability Detection feature of NCM, you can quickly avoid unauthorized network changes and stay ahead of vulnerabilities.

The most amazing thing about Network Configuration Manager is that solar winds can configure, backup, and restore your network, which helps in deploying replacement switches. 

Key features:-

1. Configuration Backup

2. Network Automation.

3. Integration with Network Performance Monitor

4. Manage network devices with ease.

  1. Detect vulnerabilities 

5) Paessler PRTG

This is another well-known Network management tool that provides you every support and facility you need to monitor and manage your network across devices. With everything included, you won’t need to install additional plugins for most of the tasks. 

PRTG is popular for its advanced infrastructure management capabilities as it uses renowned technologies like SNMP, WMI, Sniffing, REST APIS, SQL, and many others to provide an all-in-one network monitoring capability for the business of any size. 

With its numerous features, it allows you to monitor bandwidths across all devices and applications to identify the source of bottlenecks and get detailed statistics of every application that runs on your network. 

PRTG scans network segments by pinging defined IP ranges, and its reliable alert mechanism alerts you whenever it encounters any warning to unusual metrics in the network. 

Key features:-

1. Determine bandwidth across devices and applications.

2. Monitor and manage all cloud computing services from anywhere.

3. Flexible alerting to prioritize notifications.

4. Visual representation of information with 300 map objects.

5. Multiple User Interface

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