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Top 5 New Holland Tractor Models with Specification and Price

sonagoyal October 1, 2020

New Holland tractor is the leading and popular tractor brand in India. The company is a leading manufacturer of tractors and farm implements. In the tractor industry, it is the second most popular tractor brand in India. New Holland is most known for its innovative agricultural products. 

Popular New Holland Tractor models

In New Holland, many useful and popular tractor models are available. These models have the best features for farmer’s betterment. Below we show some popular New Holland tractor models with specification and price.

1. New Holland 3630-TX Super

New Holland 3630-TX Super is a 50 hp tractor and three cylinders. It is known for its comfort and safety. In agriculture, it performs various tasks very efficiently. It has a double-clutch with an independent PTO lever for smooth functioning. This tractor model has a 2931 CC engine, which is powerful. 3630-TX Super offers oil baths with pre-clearance for farmer’s betterment. It has 48.67 PTO hp and a rotary fuel pump. The New Holland model is perfect for Indian fields. For large area farmers, it performs very well. It carries the capability of 1700 kg to lift the implements. New Holland tractor price is Rs. 7.20-7.70 Lac*. The on-road price of New Holland 3630-TX Super is affordable for Indian farmers. 

2.New Holland 3630 TX Plus

New Holland 3630 TX Plus is a 55 hp range tractor with power-packed features. It consumes less fuel and economic mileage. It has 1700 kg lifting capacity to lift a rotavator, trailer, harvester, and dozer. Along with these features, 3630 TX PLUS comes with high precision hydraulics with 24 sensing points. This feature makes it amazing in quality, leading to more productivity. It is a champion in trailer and loader haulage, with the best quality cast iron. With a 60-liter fuel tank, it can work on the field for a long time. New Holland tractor price is Rs. 7.25 to 7.75 Lakh*. 

3. New Holland Excel 6010

New Holland Excel 6010 is the best tractor in the 60 hp range. It is a 4wd tractor with 12 forward + 12 reverse gearboxes. For rough and tough farms, it provides the best in class features. This New holland model has a fully synchromesh transmission system which provides easy gearshift. A double clutch with an independent clutch lever provides easy functioning of the tractor. It has a 60-liter fuel tank to keep the tractor in the field for long hours. This feature is the biggest reason for enhancing production. The steering type of Excel 6010 is hydrostatic to easy control and fast response. New Holland tractor price is Rs. 8.40-8.90 Lac* for Indian farmers. 

4. New Holland 3600-2TX

New Holland 3600-2TX is an all-rounder tractor in the 50 hp range. It has a 2931 CC powerful engine with three cylinders. A double clutch with an independent PTO lever provides better control in the tractor. 3600-2TX has mechanically actuated oil-immersed multi-disc brakes to provide less slippage. It provides a wide area operator function to more space for the operator. An additional feature is a mobile charger point for farmers. With a 60-liter fuel tank, it enhances production and saves money. New Holland tractor price is Rs 6.60 – 7 Lakh*. 

5. New Holland 5500 Turbo Super

The New Holland 5500 Turbo Super is the latest tractor in the 55 hp range. It works perfectly in rough and tough fields. The steering type of this tractor is power for smooth and easy functioning. With 1700 kg lifting capacity, it pushes and pulls heavy implements. It provides accessories tools, bumper, top link, canopy, hitch, drawbar for farming benefits. It has the side shift gear lever for operator comfort. New Holland tractor price is Rs. 8.05 Lakh*. 

These are the popular New Holland tractor models. We hope you enjoy this blog. For more details, stay tuned with us. 

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