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Top 6 Picks For Your Android Word Processor Apps

rebeccarogers11 March 20, 2021

For your android device, you must need a word processor, and you must go for the best word processor. So, always go with the right one. Today I am going to tell you about the best six-word processor for your android device. There are many tools for the job, but I always need the best tool for my work. Just like you should use 10.0.138 for safe internet on your router. There are so many tools that you can easily find on the platform.

But here, the question is, which one of the tools is best for your work. I have picked six tools for the same from the very long list to make your work easy. Without much confusion, let’s see the best six-word processor for your android.

Text maker office

 This word processor is very unique because of its layout apart from all other android word processors, which also depends on preference with ad-free. 

This word processor was developed by a Nuremberg-based company named SoftMaker. 

Now it is not providing the modern-looking type of interface, but still, it has many amazing features for editing your document. If you desire to know about the interface and function, then there is a built-in default system available. 

Polaris office 

While using this word processor, you can’t be distracted because of its clear interface, which is very easy to access or edit your document here. In this word processor, many features like editing with text orientation, Page layout, size, columns. And Polaris includes a basic review mode like to add comments and grammar checks also available. 

If you are looking for a feature like the text to speech, then this word processor is perfect for all your requirements like this, you can easily write your text by just speaking loudly, and this function of text to speech is not available in other word processors.

All the positive points are good, like easy interface, drive cloud storage, you can export or import your documents in any type of file format, etc. But we are here to provide you the whole information about this word processor if it is positive or negative. So in Polaris word processors do not have fonts, and sometimes it takes a hard time to display the reports.

Google docs

Google docs word processor is amazing because it almost fulfills your needs from a word processor, and this is an ideal choice for daily users because doing work on it is very convenient and fast. If you are looking for a complete package word processor with all features and functions, google docs must be your favourite one. And its most of the features look like Microsoft Word by which is very quick, easy to access, and secured with Google security.

And after some updates, its interface became much more professional-looking than other word processors in a new dark mode. This must be your top 6 picks word processor for your android.

And the most grateful thing is that there is no charge to access this word processor, it is freely available on android and easily accessible by anyone, but there is one limitation in this word processor is that you must have an internet connection for syncing your documents in your drive.

Zoho writer 

Create and edit or explore your documents here and add images, tables, fonts, etc. Import and export your documents into any pdf, word, odt, word or docx, TXT files. This word processor is available in both online and offline formats and easily accessible from phone and computer. The documents can be easily shared through links over cloud storage. This word processor also has many business associates, which is easily shared through anywhere, no matter where you are.

Microsoft word

It almost looks like other android word processors interface, but it offers two modes for your choice in mobile and standard view, so you can select it according to your comfort. But you are unable to find many features like PC’s Microsoft word, but there are enough features available in the android version which can easily be accessed through your mobile phone and tablet.

It is not the best word processor compared to others, but it has much potential to satisfy your requirements through this word processor in which you can easily edit and write your document in Microsoft Word.

WPS office 

According to the reviews of many high-profile users, WPS office has created its own strong image in the field of word processors in both mobile and computers. The WPS office is one the best word processors which is available in mobile too because of its great formatting tools and the interface for working. But the WPS office has much potential to meet your requirements through its features and amazing formatting tools like pdf editor, document merging, file sharing, inserting images and tables, shapes, comments, and spell check or grammar check to recognize any grammatical errors.

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