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Top Beauty Trends to Follow This Year

dermagenetic August 19, 2021

Due to COVID-19, everything changed. Even the fashion industry is not spared. Makeup and fashion have taken a seat because the faces are covered with a mask for safety. Today, fashion is not like before, it has become a masked fashion.

But, does this mean that women will step back from makeup and makeup products? Obviously, not.

With the changes, they will change them too. Even though the face is half covered, they won’t stop. COVID-19 has eliminated the use of lipsticks and lip-liners but has increased the demand for eyeliners and other eye makeup cosmetics. In simple words, women have become focused on eye makeup.

Not only this, many other fashions trends have already made their presence felt. And it’s expected to grow soon in future years. Even if COVID-19 goes away, these trends will leave a strong mark behind.

In this post, we will discuss the beauty trends that are luring the fashionistas and you should follow them too. But before that, we recommend you to get the best cosmetic products online or from stores because following the trends is impossible without them.

Use of Beauty Face Masks 

Long-term use of face masks along with other facial accessories leads to breakouts. Skin starts irritating and scratching at times and becomes unbearable. To avoid such problems, beauty face masks will be in huge demand. The beauty face masks will help you fight out the breakouts of the facial coverings.

Other than this, the use of nourishing and calming spray will also aid in fighting skin irritation. Whatever problem you will face, the spray will help you calm down and get rid of the irritation.

Application of transfer-proof make-up

If you have not experienced transferring prowess in your make-up, you will experience it soon. Once you go out with full make-up with face masks on for a long time, you will see stains on your masks. No matter how good your cosmetic is, the stains will appear. The only solution for this problem is transfer-proof make-up, which is trending nowadays.

Until now, when you used to buy the best cosmetic products online or in stores, the demand used to be water-proof or smudge-proof. But today, the description of the products has changed and the main term that people look for is transfer-proof. With these cosmetics, your makeup will not get transferred from face to face mask.

Use of glitzy gizmos 

Due to periodic lockdowns, people have learned at-home beauty treatments because salons are not there to help them. They have started using different devices like hair-zapping lasers and micro-current to get a salon and spa-like feeling. In this list of devices, the COVID-19 has added glitzy gizmos.

With the use of gizmos, there is no need for salon appointments. You won’t be a salon and spa expert for professional treatments. Everything will be easy from the comfort of your house. The future will be better if the lockdown continues.

Other than this, the trend of more matte and less shine make-up will be followed. So, you should go easy on highlighters and follow the no-make-up mantra for the perfect look.

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