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Top Destinations for LGBT Travel

jamesjones January 19, 2022

We are progressing as a society but the progress is not yet full-fledged and wholesome. Travel is a fundamental life activity and indeed has nothing to do with your orientation and personality. Yet even to this day, some travel destinations, hotels and cruises will give a wink when a lesbian or gay family arrives with their kids. That is just the lack of compassion and empathy. However, not everything around is in the same state. If you are an LGBT family who loves to travel unhindered and spend some quality time with your kids or parents, here are the best LGBT travel destinations for you:

Los Cabos Mexico

Mexico is indeed one of those countries that has the truest vacation vibes embedded in it. With a charming and alluring environment and an array of fun spots to hang around with your family, Los Cabos of Mexico is indeed one of the best cities for LGBT families to spend their vacation in. With some great food to feature a sumptuous meal and loads of activities like fishing, you can enjoy some wonderful beaches out here.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you are looking for a homely environment where the locals will greet you with open arms, then your LGBT travel bucket list should consist of this place. It is relatively a novice destination and not very commercially active as a holiday spot. So, in case you are tired of your busy and hectic life schedules and want some time off, this could be the best junction for you. The serene environment is just the right location for an unadulterated fun-filled family holiday.

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is very famous among LGBT travel destinations and is one of the most popular of its kind across the globe – thanks to the grand LGBT weddings that have taken place here. Known to be one of the most charming destinations for LGBT couples to tie the knot, Hawaii can definitely be your next travel destination. The place features anything and everything that will add the cherry on top of the cake for your family trip. From enjoying parties to laying back enjoying the cool vibes of nature, enjoy this peaceful Hawaiin island. 

Oakland, California

In case your family is the one that prioritizes comfort and acceptance over anything else, Oakland and Berkeley of California are some of the best places for you to hang out. This place is what we call a wholesome holiday destination. California and especially this part is a melting pot of culture and thus the most colorful of the LGBT-friendly vacation spots. Enjoy the great local food, pay a visit to the galleries and if not anything else, just stroll around the city and meet the locals to have a beautiful holiday vibe.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Featuring some wonderful beaches and the famous butterfly garden, take out your kids o this place if they are true to nature lovers. Fort Lauderdale is known across the world to be the largest same-sex couple household in the entire US. So, you can well understand how flawless this place will be for your vacation. Visit the flamingo gardens and have the most relaxing time at the resorts. It is better to choose LGBT-friendly vacation spots to travel with your families because as a matter of fact, nobody will like to be a part of the existential weird feeling when they arrive at the family spot. The world is wide and big and definitely features plenty of LGBT-friendly vacation spots. So, which one are you choosing as your next family tour destination?

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