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Top eCommerce SEO Tips for Beginners 2022

ravisharma December 29, 2021

Few people in e-commerce are able to use search engine optimization as effectively as e-commerce stores that work directly with consumers. With an SEO company, you can drive traffic from search engines, optimize product cards and catalog pages to direct visitors to the most profitable and popular pages, and much more.

But SEO and e-commerce in general is constantly evolving. New technologies, ideas and tools appear, and the best webmasters try to keep up with the competition and introduce new products into their work.

Here we have compiled a list of seven important search engine optimization trends for online stores to watch out for.

Out of the box SEO just got better

SEO technologies are evolving as fast as the search engines that power them. By SEO technologies, I mean third-party apps, widgets, and webmaster tools that can be used to optimize with minimal effort.

Several out-of-the-box products have appeared in the template web design industry: they allow webmasters to optimize a site right out of the box and in just a few steps. WordPress plugins do a pretty good job of doing “automatic SEO” too, like Yoast SEO.

Such tools are convenient and useful, but today there is no comprehensive solution that would automatically solve all the necessary tasks. To achieve the result, you will have to add title tags, breadcrumbs, set up attractive snippets, and more.

A lot of content is important

Until recently, product cards in online stores were the same and concise: a title, a short description, a photo gallery, and a few customer reviews. However, under the influence of user requirements and search engine algorithms, there is a tendency to describe in detail all the features of the product in each of the paragraphs.

When you have a lot of content, you can expand your descriptions, including colloquial phrases. These are relevant searches! In the text, and add other points that set you apart from the competition.

We recommend filling your site with detailed stories about your products and services, company ideas, articles on your topic, but without “water”.

“Drives” what is shared

Social media has been popular for many years, but its importance continues to grow. I recently surveyed 357 internet marketers. 52% of those surveyed said they see a positive ROI from investing in SMM, and 65% believe that the importance of social media will increase over the next five years. 96% said they planned to increase or keep their social media marketing budget constant over the next year.

More and more users are signing up to Facebook, but Instagram and Snapchat are also evolving and could become major platforms for the next generation.

One way to improve visibility and increase the impact of external optimization such as inbound links and social signals is to encourage people to share your content on social media throughout their entire visit to your site.

Get users to share information about your products and their reviews. Connect the ability to jointly monitor the arrival of goods. Retain customers with social media and your visibility on search engines and social media channels will grow.

Video content ahead of everyone

Users demand more and more video: the availability of Wi-Fi and the ability to share video are making this type of content more and more popular. Video content may appear in search results if it is hosted on YouTube. It is more viral and better suited for viral marketing than any other.

The situation is as follows: if you are not using video content on product pages or on a company blog, then you are already behind the competition. The video is only gaining momentum.

Optimize your site for mobile devices, it’s time!

The basics of mobile optimization are canonical thanks to Google’s Mobilegeddon , but simply following the mobile best practices is no longer enough to stand out in the search marketing world.

Optimizing for mobile means giving smartphone users the best content and functionality as their number grows every day.

Mobile optimization also includes application optimization, which Google values ​​especially in relation to development streaming application models. So online stores will soon have to develop their own mobile apps just to increase their visibility on search engines.

Voice search and digital assistants are gaining traction

Just a few years ago, digital assistants seemed unnecessary: ​​they could not accurately recognize speech, and even if they did, they produced less than brilliant results. More and more people are now relying on voice search. So almost all tech giants have created a digital assistant for themselves with special features. These include Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Now.

Seasoned internet marketers have learned to capitalize on this trend. They use more conversational phrasing suitable for long keyword optimization and offer extended query responses that work in conjunction with digital assistants.

The geo-dependence of search results is more and more noticeable

Search engine optimization by location has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years. It can be assumed that thanks to new technologies (for example, wearable gadgets), the issue of relevance of local search results will become even more acute.

Online stores often do not think about a promotion strategy in a specific area, as they operate at a national level and target a large audience. But if you do not lose sight of the development at the local level, you will stand out favorably against the background of competitors and occupy the niche that everyone else deliberately abandoned.

The cluster effect can work here: now more and more companies are realizing how important it is to promote at the local level. Let this circumstance serve as a good incentive for you too.


Stay tuned for these trends to ensure you remain a cutting edge company. Depending on your goals and how SEO impacts your business, use these guidelines when allocating marketing costs.

Of course, these are not all new trends that are relevant for e-commerce, and it is difficult to predict what will happen next. So stay flexible and always look for new windows of opportunity.

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