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Top Reasons Why Teens Go Forward with Alcohol and Drug Addiction

michealanderson April 2, 2020

One of the greatest fears parents have, when it comes to their teen kids is that they will get into drugs and alcohol, possibly even get addicted. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, about two-thirds of teens by their 12th grade have tried alcohol and about 20% of those enrolled at a high school, abuse drugs! The number of teens at drug rehab centres are always increasing. Given all this research, it becomes easier to pinpoint what leads these kids to teen drug and alcohol addiction? These studies are based on research done through the best drug rehab centres in the world.

Here are the top reasons why teens turn to drug and alcohol abuse:

1. Boredom - Teens find a steady routine pretty boring. They don’t like that they have to go to school, do homework, go to bed and then repeat this for over years until they are responsible adults. They are always looking to do something other than this set routine. You can always hear them saying, “let’s do something fun or exciting” that they fail to understand that there might be consequences to what they choose to do. Which is when they start to hang out with people who do drugs, weed and drink in order to fix their boredom. Once they begin and see this as power into major big circles with friends, they stick to continuing this habit of abusing drugs further in life, that’s when they become addicts.  

2. Peer Pressure - Popularity and the need to please friends become an incessant one for teens. Especially for those who are new to a certain circle of friends after moving towns or countries. In order to fit in, or gain popularity instantly, they resolve to try drugs or drinks. Apart from that, teens are the most easily influenced lot of the human race; they can try almost anything as they are in the phase for trying something new always, escaping from the monotony of life. This is also true if they are trying to impress a particular person or a group of people who are involved in drugs and alcohol abuse. Say, for example, if they are trying to make friends with a certain someone who hangs out with those who drink often, they too try to emulate those behaviours. 

3. Escape - Teenagers are writhing with hormones that cause a lot of changes in their bodies and confuses them mentally. They are always at loggerheads with issues with families, behaviour issues and even personal issues. Trying to escape all these factors that affect their lives adversely, they get into drugs and alcohol. A lot of times, escaping the realities of life is what teenagers are drawn to when they use drugs and alcohol. 

4. Rebellion - As mentioned in the previous point, there are many changes that teenagers go through as a result of hormonal, mental, spiritual and physical changes. At this point they also don’t take too well will authoritarian figures in their lives - such as parents, teachers, etc. Rebellion is a natural response to confusing changes that teens go through in their lives at that period in life, which is also one of the biggest reasons why teens lean towards turning away from these figures in their lives and put themselves in situations like drinking and drug abuse. 

5. Lack of Confidence - Substances are known to lower inhibitions. They often help teens to say what they wish and do those things that they don’t have the courage for without using the substance. Substances often boost the level of confidence that people have and act as a temporary fix. 

These are the top five reasons why there’s a constant increase in drug and alcohol addiction each year. Tackling these issues in parenting and educational institutes could make a huge difference in the numbers.

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