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Top Senior Housing Trends for 2021

alenjoy789 October 21, 2021

Senior housing trends are constantly changing. It’s essential for seniors and their loved ones to stay informed about the latest developments in this space. Senior living is a growing industry with no sign of slowing down. With the aging population, there are projections that senior housing will continue to grow in the future. 

Here Are Some of The Most Exciting Trends Impacting Senior Living in 2021: 

1. Better Food Options

A growing number of Americans are seeking healthier lifestyles. This spills over into senior living communities, causing more and more to offer vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, or other diet options. Senior housing in Downingtown is no exception to this trend: the number of people who expect healthy food available has grown over the past few years and will continue to grow exponentially in 2021. This ties into a rise in organic, gluten-free, and local food options too.

Senior Housing in Downingtown

2. More Amenities

With more senior housing communities catering to healthy lifestyles and dietary preferences, it’s evident that amenities will improve across the board too. This includes better physical and mental health fitness centers and gyms with cardio fitness equipment, yoga/Pilates studios, private instruction, and hydrotherapy pools. 

Apartments will be designed to accommodate seniors with physical limitations and customized for the unique needs of their lifestyles too. Naturally, these apartments will also include things like handrails in showers and tubs, wider hallways and doors, and ramps or elevators if needed.

3. More Diverse Communities

More diverse communities provide the opportunity to interact with others and mean fewer feelings of loneliness and isolation, which can be especially detrimental for seniors. Communities in Downingtown are quickly becoming more racially diverse, filled with individuals who share different cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, and lifestyles. 

The number of veterans in senior housing will continue to rise as well. As these communities become more extensive, there will be benefits like increased opportunities for socialization and more targeted services, amenities, and activities.

4. Increased Support for Veterans

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 1 million veterans are age 65 or older. And by 2040, it’s estimated that this number will double. This means there will be a massive increase in senior housing nationwide, and Downingtown is no exception. 

Homes designed for veterans will bring with them an enhanced level of support and care and amenities like on-site medical facilities, congregate dining areas, 24/7 emergency response systems. There will also be more programming explicitly focused on military events like parades and memorial events.

5. More Outdoor Spaces

The number of senior communities with outdoor spaces is steadily growing, and Downingtown is no exception. Many are creating more garden areas where residents can enjoy time outdoors without venturing outside their apartment community. Many programs encourage socialization by taking trips to local parks, museums, game rooms, and other community green spaces.

Senior Independent Living Apartments

6. Fewer Changes to Amenities

According to Senior Housing News, the number of people who reported changing their living preferences after entering senior housing dropped from 60% in 2014 to 54% in 2015. This means that fewer seniors feel trapped or stuck in a senior living community because their apartment or layout isn’t ideal for them. 

Instead, there is an increase in flexible options like single suites with different floor plans and designs. Not only can seniors get help moving to a home that better fits their needs, but they also tend to make more friends when they feel at ease and comfortable in their surroundings.

7. More Independent Living Arrangements

Nearly half of people who enter senior housing do so because they require around-the-clock medical care. But there’s a growing number of individuals who prefer an independent living situation, allowing them to have more control over their lifestyle while still being surrounded by the amenities and care that comes with senior living. 

Senior Independent Living Apartments in Downingtown allow people to enjoy their own space and the freedom that comes with it. More communities will adopt this model as it becomes increasingly popular among new renters.

Conclusion Senior housing trends will continue to shift as the population ages. For those looking for senior living communities, it’s essential to consider all of your options before deciding where you want to call home in retirement. Senior living is a big industry, and it will keep getting more extensive in the next few years. With aging populations on the rise, old housing trends are going to be more critical than ever.

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