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Top things to keep in mind while car shifting

carbikemoversindia August 7, 2021

Many of us may face the need of shifting the car from one city to another. While for some it could be the first time but for rest, it could be a regular thing. Irrespective of the frequency of the situation, car shifting always requires meticulous planning and safety remains the utmost concern. Below we list down some of the important things to keep in mind while shifting your car.

Professional car carriers: Shifting your car to a new city or place for that matter can be a very stressful & daunting task if you decide to do it yourself. It may have a lot of negatives like driving on unknown and rough roads, exhaustive long drives, fuel and maintenance costs, and many more. For all the fatigue and mental stress, one may have while shifting the car on your own, it is advisable to use professional car carrier transport services for shifting your car. Choosing the car carrier among the list is the important aspect and you should select the one which has a good track-record and suits your requirement. Any kind of certification like IBA certification by a car carrier company is an added advantage. 

Value for money proposition: Always ask for quotations from different car carriers and look for the detailed charges that they list down. Even though most of the car carriers are quite competitive in terms of the price they charge but there may be some add-on services that you may not want to incur. For example, the carrier company could be charging a car washing & dry-cleaning fee before the car is delivered to the destination. It is always a good idea to go through all the items in the quotation and get it revised as per your requirement.

Transportation time: It is always good to get your car transported as quickly as possible, for this reason always checks with the car carrier that how much time they require to transport the car. If one company of similar reputation and the almost same price is ready to do it in let’s say a week while the other can do it in 15 days or more then it is good to go for the first option even if they charge slightly more.

Transit Insurance: Although it is not desirable still it is possible that your car may suffer some minor or major damage during transportation. To protect you from such unforeseen events, the carriers may offer you transit insurance for the car. It is strongly advisable to go for such insurance coverage even if there is an extra premium attached to it. This will ensure you a peace of mind experience and will protect you financially in case of an untoward incident. The insurance premium depends on a lot of factors like the value of the car, make and model, condition of the car, insurance coverage to name a few. So you should check all the aspects of the insurance before finalizing one. Some insurance companies offer an on-the-spot settlement which is the most desirable option.

Documents of the car: You need to ensure that you have all the legally required documents of the car that you want to be transported. It is the prerequisite before deciding to shift the car. The list may include but is not necessarily limited to insurance papers, valid registration certificates, pollution under control certificates.

Car accessories: You should unmount & keep with yourself any extra fitments or media items like USB drives, GPS kits, CDs, detachable locks, etc. as there are high chances that these items may be missing when you receive the car back.

Gas-up your car: It is recommended to keep your fuel tank filled up to slightly below the halfway mark. Some transport companies list it as an important point in their checklist. It is also advisable to get the car tire pressure checked and maintained for all the wheels including the spare before the shifting process.

Inspection: Generally, all car carrier companies do a pre-pickup and post-delivery inspection. It is one of the most important parts of the whole process. One should get all the points documented during the inspection procedure. This includes steps like listing down all the major & minor spots or dents in the car body, and wear & tear mark inside the car, odometer reading, any malfunctioning indicators during ignition, condition of the different lights & their functioning, fuel level, any accessories like a spare wheel, etc. You should take a signed copy of the filled-in report from the surveyor. Notably to mention that you should hand over the keys only after the inspection is done and you have authenticated the personnel or team who has come to pick up the car.

If you take care of all the important aspects that we have listed, you will have a hassle-free and peaceful car shifting experience. 

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