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Top Tools For Mobile Game Development

Glownight Games October 30, 2020

Mobile game development is a hot market. Many companies have successfully developed stunning games. Before experiencing success there are countless failures you have to go through.

Tools For Mobile Game Development

The usual reasons mobile games fail include:

· The game cannot make money.

· It exhausts the entire budget in development and user acquisition, leaving no room for innovation.

· The game is too heavy.

Which tool to choose for mobile game development? Here we will test the top mobile game development tools that you can use to begin your project:

Unreal Engine:

Unreal Engine 4 is the next version of UDK. This game development kit comes with immense options for mobile, PC, and console game development. It uses C++ as the scripting language by replacing the popular UnrealScript.


Unity Game Development Company

Unity is one of the top mobile game development platform used by top 3D Game Development Company. Unity is used for multiple gaming platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and much more. You can create major 3D game applications and purchase assets from the asset library.

Corona SDK:

Corona SDK is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. Corona SDK has over 500+ APIs for all range of functions from animation to networking. With a free plan, Corona has attracted many developers and has created a huge support community.

Corona SDK


Amazon’s Lumberyard is a free AAA game engine that can be used for Android, iOS, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It offers you great features like source code, networking, rich sound engine, seamless integration including AWS cloud. It accelerates its graphics with a range of terrain, character, rendering, and authoring tools which help to create photo-quality 3D environments at scale.


Through Cocos2D-x you can create any size of the game even as low as 1.5 MB. It uses OpenGL to render optimized 2D graphics and provides you a great game development SDK for small to midsize projects.

This platform has developed dramatically over the past few years and has become a preferred choice for many developers around the world. It’s free pricing and library of existing resources make it a good competitor for 2D game development.


Do you have a killer game idea? Glownight is a top Unity Game Development Company. It offers you the service of 2D, 3D, visually appealing games, and much more.

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